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OEM Versus Aftermarket Fairings

Contrary to what the title suggests, this article is more of an expression of personal opinions than a technical diatribe. What you are about to read is based on years of experience riding motorcycles combined with a sound scientific background. Over the past decade, I have owned several cars and mo

Driving test book, practical test book

Before applying for a driving practical test it is very important to pass driving theory test. To pass driving theory test, it is important to study all the latest official theory test questions publi

High Hands, Low Seat

A left profile shot of the 2008 Harley-Davidson Softail Crossbones.

5 Top Motorcycle Riding Tips

Anticipation. It sounds very simple, and it is. It's easy to switch off while you're riding, especially when the roads are a little quieter. Always keep an eye out for the unexpected.

What Factors Influence the Choice of A New Bike?

Efficient gear shifting in bikes is certainly a difficult process, which requires days of training. Not all of us, but yes, for some, shifting gears is really a big setback, but don't worry, because now we have automatic gearboxes to resolve this problem.

Motorcycle Camper - What Is a Motorcycle Camper?

Have you ever wondered what a motorcycle camper actually does when it comes to using it properly? The motorcycle camper can be an amazing fit for the beginner rider all the way to the intermediate class biker. Now is the time to never have to worry when wondering "what is a motorcycle camper?.&

Front Wheel

A picture of the Ducati Streetfighter S's front wheel.

Some Details About Motorbike Leathers

Choosing the suitable leathers you should take into consideration a number of factors. Now let's speak about some details of leathers, that should be paid attention to.

1990 Jeep Cherokee Specifications

In production from 1984 to 2001, the Jeep Cherokee combined the practical aspects of a large SUV with the handling of a sport vehicle. Several available upgrades, such as lifted suspensions and brush guards, facilitated heavy off-road use of the sport-utility vehicle.

How to Jet a VF750C Magna

The Honda VF750C Magna, produced between 1982 and 2005, was one of the most powerful Japanese cruiser-style motorcycles available for several years. In order to boost the power of this motorcycle, you'll have to jet the carburetors and install an aftermarket exhaust system. While you may think that

Auto Insurance- Important Need Of Customers

Our insurance agent will come down to our home where he will suggest the best policy according to the needs of the people where they want less premium payable along with good coverage amount and discount.

Ford Power Stroke Gifts

A really fine scale model isn't cheap, but it may be just the gift you're after.automobile model image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from Fotolia.comIf you have friends or loved ones who've discovered the beauty that is Ford's Power Stroke heavy-duty engine series, odds are they are not shy...

State ATV Trails of Michigan

ATV sportsman kicking up dust in Michigan.atvs - quads race image by muro from Fotolia.comMichigan state is home to vast amounts of wilderness and open lands. There are so many trails to ride---either on horseback, ATV, motorcycle or ORV---that few take the time to tell anyone else about...

How to get a dealers license

There are two ways you can solve the problem of how to get a dealers license? Firstly you may apply on your own. Complete all the formalities and get a license. This is a time consuming method which w

How to Assemble Scooter Throttles

Putting together a scooter throttle depends on learning only a few symbol needs. Once accounted for, a throttle system can be constructed and made effective. A builder just needs to understand that the throttle needs to be activated by the hand or foot via cable to the carburetor. Once pulled, the c

Save Gas on Your Commute - Commuting With Motorcycles

Who wouldn't jump at an opportunity to save some extra dough along with being able to rush the downtown traffic, with a two-wheeler, "adrenaline rush". Of course that's the sales patter of any motorcycle salesman, trying to sell his first bike of the day, and to sell you the feel

Yamaha r15 vs Pulsar 220

Yamaha bikes have been the most viable and impressive bike models. Delivered with Yamaha R15 reviews, the Yamaha bikes price has been quite economical.

Pit Bikes Vs Go Karts - Which Will Be the Favourite With Tomorrow's Kids?

For a long time in America and Europe go karts have been the most popular motor based child's sport, starting out with the pedal powered Kettler and other Karts and progressing all the way up to the petrol powered go karts you see driving fast around your local go kart track. But the latest tre

Collecting Mini Dirt Bikes

If you truly are an avid fan of these mini dirt bikes and you have the money to find and collect these dirt bikes then you're in for some meticulous searching. There are several kinds of mini dirt bikes, from vintage bikes to the modern 150cc minis. You will not have any trouble acquiring these