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The New Economics of Bankruptcy Law

Since 2007, the dynamics of the financial world, as we know it, have changed dramatically. Wall Street dominates main street, financial institutions appear to have more potential pull than our politicians, and the middle class is slowly disappearing as a result of a plague of foreclosure and unemplo

What Specifically Does a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Discharge Do?

A chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge releases you from personal liability for discharged debts and stops the creditors from contacting you or threatening you, or taking any action against you in an effort to collect those debts. The US bankruptcy court estimates that almost 99% of all chapter 7 bankrupt

Chapter 10 Bankrupt

What causes a person or individual to go bankrupt? There is one very possible reason that is usually the common explanation for bankruptcy: the person is unable to pay his debts. However, the very reason as to why he is unable to pay would be another story.

Why Do Consumers Get Into Debt?

Debt can lead to garnishment of wages, loan defaults, higher interest rates and poor credit scores. In general, debt is something you want to avoid, although certain types of debt are unavoidable. People fall into debt for myriad reasons, from job loss to overspending.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Conditions on Home Mortgages

One escape route in the foreclosure process is Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Many homeowners seek Chapter 13 bankruptcy because it allows them to keep their homes. However, the process is not cut and dry. Whether your bankruptcy can stop the foreclosure of your home depends on when you file and your financ

How to Be a Repossession Agent

Repossession agents work to recover personal property that its owners are no longer paying for. Most notably, repossession agents are known for taking back possession of cars when their owners fail to pay the monthly bill. Repo agents do not work for themselves, however. They must align with a state

Credit Debt Bankruptcy - 3 Legal Debt Relief Options To Avoid Bankruptcy

If you have way too much credit card debt and feel as though bankruptcy is your only option, think again. Credit debt bankruptcy should always be your last option. There are better debt relief options out there and here we will take a look at the top 3 for consumers and small businesses.

The Best Ways to Consolidate Debt

Consolidating debt involves taking out one loan with the intent to pay off multiple debts. People consolidate debts for two distinct reasons: either to lower their monthly payment or to lower their long-term interest payments. When you consolidate to lower your payments, you usually end up paying ba

Chapter 13 Colorado Bankruptcy Law

A Colorado debtor contemplating bankruptcy should consider the advantages of filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If a debtor's house is in danger of being foreclosed, the debtor can save his house from foreclosure. If the debtor's car could be repossessed at any moment, the debtor can save his car fro

Government Help for a Career in Teaching

The federal government's Department of Education provides approximately $100 billion dollars per year in student loans and grants to people pursuing a college education. If you plan to major in education, you may want to take advantage of the government's TEACH grant. Once you earn your teaching deg

Filing Bankruptcy When Your Homeowners Association is Suing For Unpaid Fees

If your HOA is trying to force a foreclosure on your condo or townhouse due to unpaid association fees, then it may be likely that they have a lien on the property. This may have been the result of some type of confession of judgment if you ever fell behind or due to the association suing you in civ

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Instant Online Bankruptcy Loan Company!

Borrowers who have accumulated too many debts find it difficult to payback the debts. Over a period of time, due to their inability to pay the debts, they invite credit problems. When the problem gets out of hand, some of them consider opting for bankruptcy.

Legal Procedures Regarding Bankruptcy California

Bankruptcy is the legal condition of a firm or an individual where the firm of the individual is incapable of paying the amount owed to creditors. Majorly, it is set off by the debtor.

Can Bankruptcy Ever Be Positive For You?

There is hardly a person who ever considers bankruptcy to be something positive in life. Have you ever considered the question whether bankruptcy can ever be something positive for you? Instead of asking others, you should ask the same question to yourself.

Tips to Consider Regarding Misleading Debt Negotiation Services and Bankruptcy

Due to the many misleading debt services plaguing the industry today, this article reviews some important tips on how to avoid further complications of debt issues. There are many up front signs that can help you to avoid potential headaches that leave you no further ahead than when you started.