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How to Pick a Name for Your Blog - Don't Make This Mistake

In this article we are going to discuss the seemingly easy exercise of how to pick a name for your blog.In my experience, people fall into two separate but distinct camps here:Those that obsess about picking the proper name.

Content Syndication - Know Its Benefits in Supercharging Your Blog Traffic

There are many people who are scrambling every day to try to drive more traffic to their blogs, increase their newsletter subscribers and increase their revenue. They will try almost anything, it seems, but mention content syndication to them and many have no idea what you are talking about. With th

Professional Blogging a Glance at the Future

Professional blogging is a relatively new phenomenon on the Internet. There is a great deal of potential in this emergent field for savvy online marketers who possess a basic understanding of current web technology.

Blogs and Four Ways to Use Them

Becoming comfortable with bloggers and the process of blogging. Developing relationships with bloggers who are writing about you.

Blogging is Beautiful

Blogs are growing in popularity. Everyday more blogs are created on the internet. They are a great way for anyone to share their personal thoughts and ideas.

Are Blogs Worth Your Time?

Blogs seem to be everywhere, but they're not always the right choice for every business website. By thinking about your business as well as your customer, you will be able to make the right decision.

How to Start a Blog in Three Easy Steps

Starting a blog has become all the rage these days. With new ones adding to the thousands upon thousands that exist every day, a weblog, or "blog" as it is commonly known, has a myriad of uses. From a place to simply vent about the troubles of your day to a pedestal to spout nonsensical id

Tips on Successful Blogging For Business

Before you start blogging as a professional business person you should make a business plan. Even though blogging seems absurdly easy to set up it also entails some details that will need your attention very day.

What Comments Mean When Blogging For Money

Bloggers know how valuable comments are. After all, blogging is not only about knowing how to blog or what to blog about. It's also about handling those who actually read the blog and comments are the ultimate proof that people are reading their posts. It doesn't matter whether or not the

Measures to Effective Commenting on Different Blogs

Commenting on different blogs is one of the most important ways to gain traffic and links to your blog. In this article I will focus on how to make your comments more effective on different blogs so you can increase traffic to your own blog.

The Secret of Targeting Intelligence: Less Is Really More!

What is targeting intelligence? Apparently it is exactly what it sounds like. Targeting intelligence refers to the process of eliminating useless data so you are left to focus on relevant information about a specific topic.

How to Switch From TypePad to Blogger

There are many reasons to switch from one blog hosting platform to another, such as cost, feature set and availability. Blogger and Typepad have both been around a long time and offer similar features. The biggest difference is that Blogger is completely free while Typepad is not. Both platforms pro

Blogging for Kids

Wait, that does not sound right. Regardless, the Dummies series of books are wonderful. They cover an enormous range of things and ideas (much like the Made Simple series was--and is--as I was growing up). Moreover, although they make have less information than Wikipedia, they are far more organized

Understanding the Concept of Blog Advertising

In today's world, the Internet is the marketplace, and Internet advertising is gradually forming a major chunk of the advertising budgets of organizations. Of all the ways of Internet advertising, the one that is catching everyone's imagination is Blog Advertising. It is one of the most pr

Podcast Business - 5 Steps to Successful Podcasting

For the past two years, podcasts have become an effective tool to not only reach large masses of visitors, but to expand profits in a business. In this article, you will learn how to start your own podcast business in five easy steps.

Social Media - Blog Busting Niches Rock Internet Profits

Select a niche to increase your internet profits with social media opportunities. You'll find baby boomers love the process of building blogs that help others, here's the secret to making those blogs work. Great niches where your knowledge and language arts can shine make up for any lack o

Make Money Online For Free: Blogging

Blogging is an effective way to make money online for free because you can get started within hours. Set up your blog and start writing. This short guide will show you how to get started.

Is Your Blog Posting Frequency Killing Your Site?

Although there are many valid reasons to maintain a very frequent blog posting schedule it can work against you as well! Obviously your readers would like to see more great content from you but remember, to develop content you do need time! Read further to discover 5 'dangers' that many bl