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Bench Press - Proper Mechanics

The bench press is the most popular exercise in the gym. It is a display of strength brought upon by your pushing muscles (chest, anterior delts, triceps) and when performed properly, is a beneficial exercise. This article explains how you should perform a bench press, and why.

Exercise The Right Way - The Deadlift

It is crucial that beginning bodybuilders are shown how to perform the core exercises correctly. This article provides step by step instructions for the Deadlift.

Planning An Effective Bodybuilding Schedule

What is the best way to plan an effective bodybuilding schedule; there are many elements that have to all work in harmony to ensure you get the best results. It is not solely reliant on which weights you are lifting. You will have to take into consideration topics such as nutrition, exercise techniq

Building Muscle - Yes, You Can Gain Muscle (Finally!)

Are you one of those people that just can't seem to gain weight? Or you can gain weight but it's never muscle? You go to the gym diligently maybe for months now and you have the blood sweat and tears to prove it but no muscle? Well don't worry. I think if you add a few simple things t

Shake Weight for Men - Does It Work?

If you have seen the Shake Weight for Men television commercials, you might have been wondering about the product. While shaking it, it will work out more muscles and it will work them out more effectively according to the ads. But is the shake weight really that effective?

The Secrets to Building a Better Body - Rest and Mental Attitude

In previous articles I have described the need for correct exercise and correct nutrition in order the build the body. In this section I briefly describe two areas of weight training and body building - adequate rest and the right mental attitude - that are just as important if we want to see those

Quickest Way to Get a Six Pack and Rock Hard Abs

Do you know the quickest way to get a six pack? The journey to those rock hard abs is going to be a little different from one person to the next but there are some principles that will aid in the process no matter who you are. What are some of the things you need to keep in mind in your quest for pi

Truth About Muscle Gain

The top 3 Truths about gaining muscle mass. Incredible detail for such a short article regarding building nice lean muscles. A great read.

Build Bigger Muscles Using Quality Protein From These Natural Sources

Here are some protein and diet tips to help you build bigger muscles. Protein is one of the most important nutrients you'll need as you quest for a better physique. There are many sources of protein, so check out what's important before you buy your supplements.

Increase Your Body Mass Naturally the Clean Way

When building muscles your aim should be specified, you should focus on build muscle rather than strength training. When training for strength building the exercise regime is lighter when compared to muscle building.

Skinny to Muscle - 6 Weight Lifting Rules

Here are 6 weight lifting rules that you must abide by if your one of those that want to go from skinny to muscle bound. Whether it's that you want to add some muscle for your own health, or you would like to look better in front of the opposite sex in summer. Adding muscle has many benefits, s

Things You Shouldn't Do While Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding training has a lot of prerequisites a bodybuilder should comply to. Make sure you follow each carefully, not only what you should do, but also what you should not do.

Build Muscle With Calories

One mistake many people make during dieting is not consuming enough calories.This is especially geared towards those type of people whose goals are to gain lean muscle mass.So you want to gain more muscle mass?Read on!

Muscle Development Approaches - Slower Reps For Superior Muscle Building

A considerable amount of research has been invested in the sport of muscle building. In fact, it takes merely a little reading to find many ideas that present resourceful guidelines for aiding men and women to build up muscles more fruitfully while concurrently reducing muscle tissue loss.

Wrestling Strength Endurance With Bodyweight

Training with your own body can be adapted in countless ways & they are convenient. Most of the exercises require no equipment. We can change the position of our hands, arms and legs to work different muscles and change the pressure we place on the body. Elevate your legs or balance on one leg and t

Getting Killer Abs

If you ask anyone in the gym what they're training to achieve they'll tell you that they want the fastest way to get six pack abs, or some variation such as wanting to tone up their stomach or lose their extra tyre. These are arguably some of the most desirable muscles on the human body, a

Bodybuilding Workout - 3 Bodybuilding Workout Tips You Must Know

3 Bodybuilding workout tips that you must know if you want to build muscle quickly, safely and effectively. If you are not including even just one of these tips in your bodybuilding workout then you are making it very hard for yourself to get the body you want.