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How To Draw With Illustrator

Using Adobe Illustrator you can create your own drawings on your computer. To make the process easier, draw a sketch using pen or pencil on paper first. Then scan the picture or take a picture of it with a digital camera. You can then use this sketch as a template for your drawing in Illustrator. Th

The History Of 3D Cartoon Animations - When Did It Become Popular?

Mankind has always thrived on innovation and it is this innovative instinct which inspired our prehistoric cave-dwelling ancestors to make new discoveries. Since then there have been irreversible changes which have totally transformed the face of our planet from those early days but the streak of in

What Kind of Paint Is Best to Use on a Plastic Bathtub Backsplash?

The plastic in a bathtub backsplash or surround has a slicker surface than other materials, such as drywall and wood. This can make the plastic backsplash more difficult to paint, but does not make it impossible. With the proper paint and the right preparation, a plastic bathtub backsplash should ho

How to Stain Oak Cabinets in the Basement

Before you attempt to refinish the oak cabinets in your basement, understand some important points. Like other hardwoods, oak possesses tight grain patterns that keep it from absorbing stain as evenly as softwoods. If you select the wrong type of stain, the finish will dry splotchy. Choose a light c

How to Paint a Mural on a Wall

Murals can be painted outside or inside, n the side of a building or in a bedroom. They can be purely for decoration or convey a message. Mural painting is not like any other kind of painting—the paint is slightly different and behaves differently from other paint mediums, the scale is general

Oil Painting Finding of The Body of St Mark

Tintoretto completed The Slave in 1548 and finished Finding of The Body of St Mark between 1562 and 1566. There was no complete record in the Bible. According to The Book of Acts, Letters of ...

How to Paint Over a Rusted Metal Planter

Metal planters can begin to rust after the finish wears away. Protect your favorite planters for years to come by repainting them. Paint formulated for use on rusty surfaces can bind the rust and protect it from further deterioration. Ensuring the planter has proper drainage holes will limit the amo

How to Clean a Smoke-Damaged Oil Painting

Over time, an oil painting can darken due to smoke damage, dirt and aging. Of course, an oil painting can also become damaged due to exposure to smoke as a result of a fire. Most oil paintings have a protective varnish layer that helps protect the paint from fading and cracking. A few basic steps wi

How to Paint a Pig

Pigs are among the best farm animals to choose when it comes to painting, or making costumes. Kids will love the creative feel that painting a pig will give. You can add different materials to your painting as well for more detail. All they will need for a great time is a few cheap supplies.

Creating a Cartoon of Yourself

One of the really neat things that new technology allows us to do is to have fun. And one of the things that is extremely fun and easy to do is to create a cartoon of yourself.

How to Draw a Caribbean Hula Girl

Drawing a Caribbean hula girl can simple, and it need not be time consuming. One efficient way to go about the task of drawing a particular object, is to find a model picture to refer to. Whether your purpose is to create art endemic to Caribbean towns, to hone in on a drawing niche, to give gifts o

How to Remove Lead Paint From Metal

Lead was used in paint for many years. Exposure to lead -- including lead based paint -- can cause kidney damage, delayed development and nervous system damage in small children. Lead can also cause serious problems with both men's and woman's reproduction systems. It was not until 1977 that the Uni

How to Edit a GIF File

GIF files are made for the web. They compress a lot of graphic information into a very small file, saving both disk space and bandwidth. They are also the most common format for simple animations and for line art. Nearly any graphic can be turned into a GIF, with the exception of highly detailed pho

How to Paint Inside a Boxed Frame

Boxed frames are special wall display frames used to house three-dimensional objects or give a unique look to a painting or picture. You place the items inside the box through the back, and you can remove the back if you need to take out or replace the artwork. Leave the glass inside the frame and s

The fantastic paintings of Alighiero Boetti

It was a good thing Italian artist Alighiero Boetti ignored a potential career as a cartographer instead choosing to become an artist. Hah €" we're only kidding about the cartographer part. He was well known ...