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How to Get Mac Certified

Apple, Inc., formerly known as Apple Computer, is the developer and maker of the well-known iPod and iPhone, in addition to the Macintosh line of computers and the Macintosh operating system (Mac OS X 10.6, as of January, 2010). Apple offers certification training paths for computer users at all lev

Different Cable Connectors

Cable connectors come in all shapes and sizes, but most are easy to use.cable connector image by Albert Lozano from Fotolia.comToday, cable connectors are designed for ease of use, but cables are only useful if you have the correct connector for the device you are using. It is good to...

How to Replace the Memory on an Acer Extensa Notebook

Acer Extensa laptops, low-cost models that were introduced in 2008, come with 2 GB of memory that can be upgraded to 4 GB. Upgrading the memory helps your Acer run processes faster and improves its productivity. The Windows Vista 32-bit operating system can operate on just 2 GB memory. Whether you'

How to Fix Eee 900 Buzzing Fan

A buzzing fan in your Asus Eee 900 netbook, is usually an indication of major dirt build-up inside your computer. While on the surface this may not seem like a big issue, it can eventually lead to something more serious. Namely, if the fan is not properly cleaned, and if the buzzing continues, it ca

Viruses in the Virtual Memory

Virtual memory is a good use of larger capacity hard drives and flash drives.. However, when viruses infect that portion of the memory, the operation of the computer slows and sometimes stops entirely.

How to Test Audio Devices

Personal computers have many hardware and software components, including various audio devices. In order to function properly, a computer has to have working audio devices and equipment. To ensure this functionality, you will sometimes need to run tests for audio devices. These tests are fairly simp

How to Set Up a Wireless Connection on an HP Pavilion A535W

Wireless Internet keeps getting more popular, as many Internet users prefer the freedom and convenience of not having to plug in any network cables. Another benefit of wireless Internet is that setting up the wireless connection, regardless of what type of computer is being used, is an extremely uni

What Do I Do When My USB Crashes?

If your computer or an application crashes after connecting a device to a USB port, any number of things could have gone wrong. Before trying to address the problem you need to identify whether it is the device, the cable, the USB port or the USB driver that is to blame. By going through these basic

The Advantages of Two Hard Drives

Two hard drives are better than one.hard drive macro image by Ray Kasprzak from Fotolia.comThere is the obvious advantage of extra storage space when including a second hard drive in your computer, but having a second hard drive provides more benefits than just more space. Because your...

How Sgi Developed The 1600sw Display

Silicon Graphics, Inc, or SGI, was founded back in 1982 and has evolved in to a living legend as a producer of maker of amazingly energized custom graphics workstation machines which have found a huge following in Hollywood design, special effects, and CGI departments.

How to Repair Version 10.5 of Mac OS X Leopard

Repair your Mac's operating system if it experiences system errors or malware infections that render it unusable. Use the Mac OS X installation disc included with the computer to access the repair utilities for your system. Unlike with other system recovery options, reinstalling Mac OS X 10.5 Leopar

How to Finance a Brand New Laptop

If your laptop computer has died but you don't have the cash to get a new one, don't despair. You can finance a new laptop and be back in business before you know it, checking your email, browsing social networking sites, or writing term papers. Even people with little credit or bruised credit may f

How to Troubleshoot a USB PCI Card

PCI card slots are small slots inside the computer that run horizontally along the motherboard. These slots allow you to install additional hardware, including USB ports. However, if the equipment you are connecting to the USB ports is not functioning properly, you must troubleshoot the issue. If yo

Defining CMYK Four Color Printing Process

CMYK is the process of four color printing which includes the colors like cyan, magenta, yellow and black. It is recommended as the standard color model used in offset printing. On the whole, it is a color mixing scheme that counts on chemical pigments to achieve the desired tints. Company presents

How to Update a Wireless Adapter

Wireless adapters that connect to a wireless network or router differ from a wired network connection in two important ways, besides the obvious. They have to maintain a stable connection over large distances to the network, or data could be lost when you are online. They also must be secure to keep

What Is a Network Key?

A network key is the password needed to access a wireless network. When attempting to connect to a wireless hot spot, you may sometimes be asked to enter a password before you can access the Internet. Used to prevent unauthorized access, network keys are very important in maintaining network securit

How to Fix a Compaq Laptop Power Connection

Laptop power connections are notoriously fragile. The computer's internal jack is often only loosely connected to the machine and can become dislodged easily. But before taking your Compaq laptop in for professional repair, take a few diagnostic steps to ensure the problem isn't something much sim

Getting Money from Empty Ink Cartridges

If you see some empty ink cartridges, the first thing that crosses out your mind could be throwing them out to waste bin. Actually, you can turn them into money if you know the way. ...