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How to Edit the Registry in Vista

In Windows Vista, the registry is similar to a giant database and holds all of the vital configuration details for the computer. From changing the security settings for Windows Vista and the appearance of Internet Explorer to enabling and disabling CD burning, most of the tweaks that are possible fo

How to Enable Windows Script Host

Windows Script Host is an administration tool by Microsoft that creates an environment for hosting scripts. According to Microsoft, Script Host will manage security and invoke the proper script engine. Script Host comes standard on all Windows operating system versions 98 and later. Therefore, you c

How to Play Videos With iLive

The iLive line of products specializes in large, high-quality speakers for your portable media devices like the iPod. Some of these iLive units include video connections that will transmit iPod video to a monitor. This includes not only the standard home stereo units sold by iLive, but also units li

How to Tether a Razr to Windows XP Software

Tethering a cell phone to a computer is when you use the phone as a router so that you can get the Internet on your computer. This can be done by using a USB data cable. Although the download speed won't be nearly as fast as your DSL connection, it will allow you to check your email and do a bit of

How to Slipstream a Windows XP SP2 CD

Upgrading Windows is a fact of life. Install the latest service pack, however, and your original installation disc becomes outdated. Hardware installations that call for the Windows CD can get driver files that no longer work or re-introduce security issues that the service pack fixed There is a wa

How to Edit the Windows Registry and Restore the Battery Meter on a Laptop

Normally, a Windows installation on a laptop computer displays the laptop's remaining battery power as an icon in the system tray. Sometimes, however, this icon may disappear. If reactivating it normally doesn't work (by right-clicking the taskbar, clicking "Properties," "Notification Area" and chec

How to Check an Installed Codec in Vista

A codec is a file that acts like a key, allowing you to decode a particular type of audio or video file. Checking to see which codecs are installed on your Vista computer can help you to avoid duplicate installations, enabling you to forgo downloading and installing the codecs that you already posse

How to Fix a Fan on a Radeon 4850 With Windows XP

Fixing the speed of a computer fan is a common tweak for gamers and custom PC enthusiasts. While a fan is necessary to keep hardware components cool, some users may prefer to adjust the speed to better fit their system's needs. For the Radeon 4850 graphics card, controlling the fan speed is a fairly

How to Add Additional Refresh Rates to XP Professional

A computer's refresh rate determines how often the image displayed on the monitor is repainted across the screen. A refresh rate is reported in hertz, abbreviated "Hz." A hertz is how many times per second a given activity occurs, whether it be rotation of a tire or displaying an image on a computer

How to Install Microsoft Windows Spider Solitaire on Ubuntu

Installing Microsoft Windows Spider Solitaire on an Ubuntu (Linux) system is a fairly simple task that can be performed by just about anyone. In order for it to be done, though, the Ubuntu system needs to have a Windows compatibility layer called Wine. This is needed because Ubuntu cannot run a Micr

How to Disable the Mshtml.Dll File

Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) provide ways for programs to communicate and extend themselves using an interface that binds the process to a library. Operating system DLLs must validate through the registry and have a function that allows the system to bind to them. In this manner, they can also unbi

How to Fix a USB on a PC

You may find as you use your computer that hardware connected through a universal serial bus, or USB, is not functioning. This can be due to a variety of problems, including a malfunctioning cable or a dead USB port. Although you can't bring the USB port back to life, available options exist to work

How to Put Greek Letters in Graphs in Stata

Stata is a software package that allows you to represent data and statistical analysis in user-friendly graphs. You can label your axes and give graphs titles, and you can add text boxes on the slides as well. Stata 11, the most recent version of the software at the time of publication, is the first

How to Use iFile to Pinpoint a Crashed App

iFile is a file manager utility designed for use on jailbroken (hacked) Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch). The application has the built-in capability to manipulate various files on your Apple device by using functions such as edit, copy, rename and transfer. iFile also has the abili

How Do I Change the MTU on a Modem?

Networked computers send data to each other in digital file packets via wired or wireless connections. The term Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) refers to the maximum allowable size these packets -- called datagrams -- can be for different networking protocols. If you have a cable or DSL broadband mo

How to Create Group Policy for Domains

Microsoft developed Active Directory to manage users, groups and computers across a network. Active Directory permits administrators to sub-divide a network into what Microsoft calls domains. Active Directory, in conjunction with Group Policies controls, defines roles and accesses to domain and netw

Using Application State in ASP.NET Web Pages

The entire web is inherently "stateless". But there are several ways to maintain state in an ASP.NET application, including Application State. This page tells you what Application State is and how to use it. The ASP.NET Hub is an expanding collection of articles to explain how to develop V

How to Fix Java Errors for Windows XP Sun

The Java programming language is most commonly deployed as a runtime environment for use in a computer's web browser. Although the Sun Java runtime environment is the only commercially produced plugin for use on the web today, computer's running older versions of Windows XP may experience issues wit

How to Hide an Update

When Microsoft releases new updates for its operating systems, typically on Tuesdays, they are designed to fix specific issues that different people are having. Occasionally, the released updates cause new problems instead of (or in addition to) fixing the problems. When a specific Microsoft update