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My Boyfriend Dumped Me! How Will I Ever Survive?

After being dumped, the truth is it will affect you in one way or the other. This is where strength of character comes in, you should be bold enough to stand up for it, accept responsibility and forge ahead. Yes! You just experienced a break up but you are not a broken person.

Self Help Steps to Save a Relationship

When a relationship is hurting, you need help - and fast. Here are some self help steps to save a relationship. You may have tried some of these, but others may be a surprise - and they may very well be just what your relationship needs.

Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Through Text and Reverse Psychology

One surefire combination to get your ex boyfriend back with ease would be by using text and reverse psychology. This may sound hard right now, but the truth is that it's pretty easy to do. Here are some tips to help you get your ex boyfriend back with ease and actually get him to run after you

Get Back Your Ex Girlfriend - How to Get Things Started

Even a person who has never experienced a relationship break up can understand how painful it can be but those of us who have actually lived through this situation know exactly how bad it feels, the hurt, loss, anger and confusion you go through is really horrible. However if you have thoughts of wa

6 Reasons Your Ex Broke Up With You - All Fixable With Text Messages

There are many different reasons relationships end. When your ex breaks up with you what he or she gives you for a reason may or may not be the REAL reason for the breakup. Breakups are hard enough and your ex may not tell you the truth because they don't want to hurt your feelings any more tha

Try This Tip to Get Your Ex Girlfriend to Come Back

Have you been wondering if you can get your ex girlfriend to come back to you? Chances are your girlfriend may be receptive of the idea if you go about it the right way. Your goal is to prove to her that she will not be making a mistake trying a relationship with you again.

Win Back a Lost Love - Get Your Ex Madly in Love With You Again

Getting dumped by a lover usually leaves people devastated and often unable to think rationally for weeks and even months on. After getting dumped, I'm sure all you can think of is how to win back lost love, but this desperation often messes things up beyond repair.

Can I Get My Ex Boyfriend Back? I Need Him Back

Just as our faces differ, our needs also differ. In the same vein, you need to understand that every relationship is distinct, and every break up is also distinct. Perhaps you recently had a break up, and the question that frequents your heart is; can I get my ex boyfriend back?

What You Need to Say to Make Him Want You Back

If you want to get an ex boyfriend back it is important that you handle it the right way. The big thing is to make sure that you say the right things to him when you talk to him. If you do this correctly you will have him calling and begging you to come back. However if you do it wrong you will like

Jealousy in Marriage - What You Need to Know Now

Jealousy in marriage can be changed if you're willing to address it with your partner. If you don't tackle it head on then it can take over your marriage before you know it. You have to be aware that jealousy keeps you and your spouse from having a more healthy relationship together.

Break Up Advice - Heaven Or Hell? The Choice is Yours

The negative emotions experienced during a relationship break up may be viewed in much the same way; heaven or hell. The road to heaven is long and rocky but by becoming aware of your emotions and the negative impact they have on your life you may be able to make better decisions and have better out

How to Save Your Marriage From Divorce in 3 Easy Steps

Anyone who is married knows that maintaining a relationship be be very difficult at times. Unfortunately for many couples, instead of working through their problems they turn to divorce instead. I say that this is unfortunate because working through marital problems can be a lot simpler than most pe