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English Teachers Who Changed Our Lives

Not long ago, I invited readers to describe that one teacher or professor who has had "an enduring influence on the way you think, work, read, or write." For those who missed the article, here are some of the original responses, along with a follow-up invitation.

What Are Inanimate Nouns in English?

An inanimate noun is a semantic category of noun that refers to a place, thing, or idea--not a person, animal, or other creature.

un abri

What does the French word abri mean? How is it pronounced and used?

Xing Qu - Daily Mandarin Lesson

The Mandarin Chinese word for "interest" is "xing qu." This daily Mandarin lesson has audio files for your pronunciation and listening practice.

Are You Looking For A Free, Learn Spanish Online Course?

To be honest with the state of the economy as it is I wouldn't blame anyone for looking for whatever they can find for free that they would normally pay for, but can we really get everything and anything for free on the internet?

How To Start Speaking Spanish Fast

Are you one of the plenty people who are looking for a fast way to learn the Spanish language? Well, there really is not just one way, but there are several ways to learn Spanish fast. So, what ever you reasons are for wanting to learn Spanish fast, I think that you will find that it is not that dif

Creative Ways to Present Memory Verses

Memorize Bible passages for spiritual guidance in everyday moments.Hand and Bible image by Lucid_Exposure from Fotolia.comMemory verses create increased ownership and reflections on Bible passages. Pick a reliable translation, and set specific goals that deepen faith and expand knowledge....

Taiwan Mandarin

The Mandarin of Taiwan is a bit different from the Mandarin of Mainland China. Taiwan Mandarin is influenced by the Taiwanese language, and can have unique vocabulary and grammar usage.

Choosing Solutions For Project Management

They have Governance to ensure the process are followed. You can, for example, select a number of cases or situations and for each and every case reflect upon what the problem or the challenge was, what you did, what the outcome was, and what you learned from it. There are a basic set of characteris

What Is Intonation?

Definition of "intonation' as used in grammar with Spanish and English examples.

le couvert

What does the French word couvert mean? How is it pronounced and used?