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How to Do Whammy Bar Harmonics

A note played on a guitar typically consists of a number of different overtones blended together to form a single sound. It is possible to isolate a single overtone by playing a harmonic. This usually creates a single clear, crisp, high-pitched note. The harmonic note is causing the string to form e

Types of Transformers for Tube Amplifiers

Transformers perform one of three functions in an electronic circuit.transformateur ??lectrique image by Lounatiq from Fotolia.comTube amplifiers have been used to increase the power of alternating current signals since the early 1900s. These amplifiers, when used in conjunction with...

Boost Your Confidence by Attending Singing Schools

We perceive singing schools as places where one can learn how to sing. However, learning how to sing does not mean that you only have to be a professional in the end. In fact, learning the art of sing

Black Gold - Getting Stronger on the Road

Black Gold, a fairly young indie pop group from Brooklyn, New York, has been around a couple of years, but will soon be getting strong out there on the road. Those who have heard their debut album, Rush, which just came out in February 2009, have found their music warm and charming, with songs like

How to Make Vocals Sound Crisp

Achieving crisp sounding vocals doesn’t have to be a hard task. Vocals, which can be mixed and blended a variety of different ways by using effects, must be recorded with complete clarity before voice enhancement effects can be applied. Vocal clarity effects such as compression, de-noise and E

Metal Vs. Punk Rock

While similarities exist between the two genres--their heavy use of guitars, bass and drums, as well as their historical origins and cultural emphasis--the tonal qualities of punk rock and heavy metal are as distinctive from each other as they are to other genres. Though there have been, at times, e

Learning Classical Guitar Music

What is your level of understanding about classical guitar music?Don't know much about it? Well, you can always learn.You might even own a classical guitar or have heard one played before, or maybe you just want to learn how to play a wonderful instrument.


Photos taken at the Curb/Asylum Showcase at the Country Radio Seminar on February 15, 2006, featuring Clay Walker and Bomshel.

Best in-ear headphones of 2014 RATHER ANNOYINGLY,

Finest in-ear earphones of 2014RATHER ANNOYINGLY, we discover ourselves out there for some brand-new earphones much more typically compared to we 'd probably like confess, whether it&#039

Yamaha P155 Digital Piano Review

Yamaha P155 allows the player to make use of expression and touch to their music that ensure to create a professional grade sound quality. This digital piano is going to become marketed towards the intermediate to the professional musicians. According to the high quality of this digital piano as rev

Music Publicists - Guidelines to an Effective New Media Music Press Release

Guidelines to an effective new media music press release talks about the essential elements that should be contained in your music press release.Whether it be a tour press release, and CDpress release or a newsworthy story about your band clearly designed to attract awareness for your project and hi

Music in the Montessori Environment

Several studies indicate that exposure to music (listening, learning and playing) does have beneficial effects for preschoolers. Active musical training can improve their problem-solving skills, physical coordination, poise, concentration, memory, visual, aural and language skills, self discipline.