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The Guard Film Review

No one ever really dies. Do you believe that? Well if not, for you, it's almost over now. Fortunately for Galway, one Gerry Boyle has no doubts about his own mortality. The Guard begins with a red sports car speeding down an empty stretch of tarmac, loud music pounding out a rhythm while a clic

Source Code (2011)

Source Code is an intellectual mind-bender that will truly give your brain a jolting exercise. Despite being an action Sci-Fi, the film is always grounded by heart, specifically the emotion of regret and how we fail to act upon it in the moment.

Movies To Watch Online

If you are feeling bored to the deepest extent, watching movies online is very likely a good platform for you to kill time. Almost all movies, from the classical genre to the latest release are available over the internet. But do check if the services offered are legitimate to avoid unwanted problem

Best Syndicated TV Shows

It's okay if you missed them the first time around because they are ready and waiting for you. With the availability and ease of purchasing season DVDs or watching free TV episodes free TV episodes on

Who of the Watchmen Characters Start Off Dead?

This is not to ruin the story to anybody who hasn't heard about the Watchmen characters. But since it's a very popular comic book series released in the mid-1980s, it wouldn't be that heart-shattering to say that The Comedian starts the story dead.

"Oz: The Great and Powerful" Movie Review

From the wonder and awe of "Alice in Wonderland" to 2006's disastrous "The Pink Panther," Hollywood is infamous for remaking classics. Audiences are fierce in their love for original films and often have a hard time warming up to a completely redone version. Luckily for Disn

Plot Points --Raise the Red Lantern (1991)

Plot points are linear links that make up the chain of traditional Aristotelian 3-act dramatic structure. This classic structure worked well in Hollywood for almost a century now. Although young movie makers are forcing the limits of this structure, plot points still rule the day as the "tent p

Antonio Banderas to Return Home

Antonio Banderas has announced recently that he would like to return to his home country of Spain having spent enough time in Hollywood over the years. The move would be in order for the successful actor to move away from starring roles and be able to concentrate more on directing, in particular mov

Satellite Television is the Home of HD:

High definition picture, also known as HD or high-def, is slowly changing the way that we watch television. Despite starting relatively slowly with a disappointing initial take-up, the new technology has little by little edged ...

Every Little Step - Movie Review - 2008

In Every Little Step, directors James D. Stern and Adam Del Deo chronicle the audition process for the 2006 Broadway revival of A Chorus Line, Michael Bennett's legendary musical that shows a group of talented young 'gypsies' who are auditioning for a new musical show. Behind-the-scen

How Best LED TV Can Change Your Life

When you carefully look at the statistics on the sale of television sets you will notice that the LED TV technology is clearly gaining popularity over LCD and plasma TVs. For instance, a market research ...

The Kung Fu Masters and Their Movies

When we talking about Kung Fu, Bruce Lee is the Kung Fu master we should never forget. It is him who makes Kung Fu's charming spread all over the world. Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco, America, for he was very weak when he was a child, his father sent him to study Tai Chi when he was seven

Love, One Reality Show at a Time

This last week, a television tragedy seemed to throw all women for quite the loop. No, Oprah is just fine - thank goodness for that! Same with all the ladies on The View. No need ...

Top 10 New TV Shows to Watch This Fall 2011

Fall is here which means about 20-30 new TV shows worth mention. I narrowed it down to the top 10 worth watching, or setting your DVR to catch, in my opinion, this Fall 2011 Prime Time.

Latest Indian Celebrity News And Bollywood Gossips

Latest Indian Celebrity News & Bollywood Gossips are drawing the attention of millions of people moreover people are very interested in Gossips about celebrities. The fact is that any true message takes long time to reach people, but gossips about Indian celebrities’ reaches people quickly whe

Web Series

Are you tired of watching movies with same old plot and its predictable ending? Well there are internet short stories that you can watch by just logging in to a website that feeds such clips. It is called web series. These are series of episodes released through the internet and some released by the