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4 Hidden London Art Galleries

London is undoubtedly the centre of the art world. The city is a melting pot of artistic creativity, attracting many of the world's top artists. In London you'll find many of the world's top galleries as well as many famous art events and fairs which attract people from all four corne

LDS Art - A Brief History

The LDS people love great art work and use LDS art to bring the spirit into their homes and to remember their faith daily. Mormon chapels all over the world have walls aligned with LDS artwork.

Learn to Graffiti - Some General Guidelines You Need to Know

Before you start out in the big wide world of graffiti art, you need to learn and abide by the 'rules'. As you learn to graffiti you need to also learn about the underground culture of graffiti writers that you might not otherwise have known about.

A Graphic Designer For the Future

How does graphic design works in the Arab words?An introduction to the state of graphic design sector in the Arab World. What are the characteristics of the designer that we need in the future?

Rock Painting - Fun For All Ages

A local resident from Bridgewater has captured the glory of Shenandoah Valley more than once on canvas. She has been an artist for about 36 years and her reason for carrying easel and oils is not just to paint nature. She uses her collection of cut-outs from daily newspapers over the years in order

Art Supplies Firm Has Unusual Origins

One of the world's most prestigious art supplies organisations had a very unconventional beginning. The Rowney Company, which is now known as Daler Rowney, is famous for supplying the very best art supplies but that was not always the case as the company has an interesting history. Founded in 1

The Mogul School Has Always Had a Strong Influence With Indian Art

Indian Art dates back thousands of years with every period of history yielding newer ways of expression. The art reflects religious, political and cultural developments, and a way to classify this type of art is to categorize the art works in terms of the region the artist came from.

Want to Go From Amateur Artist to Pro? Eight Rules You Need to Know

This article covers some very important points if one wishes to make a living as a professional visual artist. After working with various artists and selling their art work in my Los Angeles art gallery and working with the world's largest fine art drawing and painting program, I have learned q

How to Draw the Figure - 9 Common Mistakes

This article lists nine common mistakes made in life drawing classes, that if caught, will substantially improve the quality of your drawing.If the article is printed and referred to while actually drawing from the model, it will be most effective.

Taking Art Class: One Brilliant Idea

Selecting a Los Angeles art class that thrives on creativity, imagination as well as original ideas is a great idea. No matter where your passion lies, one of the secrets to a sustainable career in the future will be the ability to think creatively and possess the skills to bring your ideas to life

Tips for Superb Ocean Photography

Oceans often are a few of the most gorgeous places. Unfortunately, they represent challenges also for both experienced and aspiring photographers. Oceans have unique light, varied and interesting forms and high potential as backdrop for ...

Transform Your Photos into Pop Art

A picture is worth a thousand words but for those that really want to turn their favorite images into something special, the option of transforming your photos into pop art gives you the chance to ...

What Is Graffiti And How Is It Done?

When we think of Graffiti we imagine writing and spray paint illicitly scribbled on walls. Commonly, graffiti conveys a statement, political, sociological ideal, or just simply someone's artistic ability.

Changes in the New York Gallery Scene

After seven booming years in the art market, New York dealers and artists are settling down to focus. With a combination of gallery closings and gallery's resizing, change is on the way and hopefully for the better in the long run.

Century Old Hollywood Photographs Available Online

Photography is both an art and a science. The scientific aspects of photography can be overwhelming and fascinating, so much so that for minority of photographers photography comes to be just that. It involves a ...

Cultivating Creativity - Part VIII

Anxiety can sometimes get in the way of an artist's work. This article gives suggestions on how to deal with the anxiety of creating or not creating.