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European Tapestries by Famous Artists

There are many different kinds of woven artworks that abound these days, but one of the most popular types is tapestries by famous artists. These works of art are collectively known as "Art Tapestries." Whether you are a patron of the arts or you just simply enjoy browsing through artworks

Childrens' Drawing Lessons - Why Beneficial?

Is anyone able to sit down and play the piano beautifully without having received lessons? Can one read automatically without being taught? No. All of us who have acquired these skills have learned them early in our lives through a structured program of instruction. This is true not only for music a


LET'S TALK ABOUT CHOOSING PRINTS ONLINE. Everybody loves pictures [] . There is a huge choice and it would be difficult to find somebody who didn't like any of it. It is even easier to ...

Spice up Your Corporate Event with Flipbook Making

For many, corporate events are not cause for excitement, populated as they are by the same people indulging in the same conversations, eating the same food and listening to the same speeches. However, there is ...

Art In Business Dealings

At first glance you can see the figure of someone carrying what seems to be a brolly and an attach case, the figure is that of a man fitted with a trench coat and a bowler hat. I am rather curious about the entire thing. As a way of showing itself to the world, a new company is responsible for this

Photojournalism Is Dead. Long live Photojournalism!

Photojournalism has been declared dead or dying before. When 'moving pictures' were introduced in the 1930's, when CNN started 24 hour video broadcast in the 1980's, when Photoshop made it possible fo

Tips on Oil Painting - Why Paint With Oils?

Because oil paints have been used for many centuries, their properties are very well known.Oil is, even today, still one of the easiest and most forgiving mediums you can work in. Creating an oil painting is in fact relatively easy compared to other mediums such as watercolor or even pastels.

Morisot Paintings

Berthe Morisot was a famous French impressionist artist of the mid to late 19th century who remains one of the most important female artists up to the present day, alongside other key painters like Frida Kahlo, Mary Cassatt and Georgia O'Keeffe. She was rare to be a part of such a significant a

Glass Painting Designs, Truly Art On Glass

Glass painting designs are a great way to create unique art in the comfort of your home. Read this article to learn more about the craft of glass painting.

Innovative Styles of Wedding Photographers

Gone are the days of stiff poses and clich settings that would make all wedding albums look alike! These days much stress is laid on innovation and creativity by making maximum use of the latest ...

Paint A Favourite Photo With Art Supplies

If you are stuck for things to paint, then why not use art materials to recreate a favourite photo. Turning a beloved photo into wall art through painting will help transform a room by making a personal statement which is sure to resonate with friends and family members. Painting a photo with art ma

Bring the Streets Home With Banksy Prints

Art lovers can create a little corner of London in their homes by buying Banksy prints. The elusive guerrilla artist started to paint graffiti on the streets and walls of the capital after moving from his native Bristol where he honed his skills as a member of the city's DryBreadZ Crew. Distinc

How To Speed Up Your Art Learning

When you start as a beginner there are so many things to learn and everything seems so difficult to do right. No doubt your expectations will be high and not unnaturally you will find your first attempts at drawing and painting disappointing. Quite likely you want to speed up the learning process. A

Hire Excellent Photo Booths in Melbourne

They take a series of four separate pictures, either in colour or black and white.Photobooth photographs are automatically printed 15 seconds after being taken and dispensed into the hand of the user.

How to Sell Your Art

You have created your masterpiece and now you are wondering if anyone will buy it. Selling art can be very rewarding and inspiring but it requires many of the same marketing methods that other businesses use.