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Paying the Price - The Cost of Artwork

Let's be blunt here. Art, original art, can be expensive. I mean why would a painting like Jackson Pollock's No. 5, which David Geffen let go in 2006 for $151.2 million at Sotheby's, be so pricey?

Get Reasonable Deals on Exclusive Pop Art Posters

Nowadays, everyone is fond of purchasing extraordinary posters with unique designs that captures viewers’ attention in the very first glance. These posters have also become a popular decorative item. However, pop art posters are quite ...

Santa - The Missing Picture

One of most celebrated, loved and cherished characters of western culture also seems to be one of the least painted. Though he is cherished by children around the world, and relied on by parents to make these same children behave, his broad appeal has not spread to the world of art.

Powder Metallurgy - Basic Information

Powder metallurgy was formerly known as lost art. Not like clay or other stoneware materials, the skills in molding and firing useful and ornamental metallic objects were seldom applied in the early phases of history.

Western Painting - Mannerism - The Developed Form of Fine Artistry

Mannerism-The History The word 'Mannerism' was inspired from the Italian word 'maniera,' meaning stylishness. Art critic Giorgio Vasari first used the word 'Mannerism' to describe the individual techniques and personal stylization of various artists in their art. Manner

What Is Graphic Design: History And Origins

The central idea in graphic design, is the communication of ideas. Ideas that are organized through the use of images, in which it seeks to combine art with typographical aspects.

Loft Objects in 3D Modeling

Building from Loft objects can sometimes be a better way to design a model. First off, you have more control over the way an object is surfaced. Secondly, you can custom design the style and shape of your model by using different cross-sections along the extrusion path. For instance, if you were to

Bedroom Decor With Abstract Wall Art

As soon as upgrading or maybe redecorating the house interiors, the majority emphasize of these bedroom dcor as this can be perhaps which place in the house which truly belongs to your account. You can ...

Capturing those Momentous Moments Forever

Do you want to capture a momentous day in your life but do not know how? Photo on canvas is the answer to your dilemma. It can create an unbelievable work of art from your ...

Dot Painting Was Using to Hide Secret Information

About the art: Australian Aboriginal art is one of the oldest forms of art were made by the Indigenous peoples of Australia at the time of collaborations between Indigenous Australians and others westerners. These artworks ...

Western Art - 'Kilroy Was Here' - A Momentous Symbol of the US Army

Originated around World War II (1939-45) and Korean War (1950-53), 'Kilroy was here' is an American culture expression, often displayed in graffiti (name given to images or letters written in any manner on property). This phrase is framed differently in different countries, such as in Aust

How to Recognise the Most Significant Art Movements of the Past 500 Years

Renaissance- The Renaissance (meaning rebirth) was a cultural movement that started in Italy in the fourteenth century, and spread throughout Europe. In art, the style of painting became highly realistic, and attempted to mimic nature as closely as possible. What to look for: a rich three-dimensiona

What Is Decoupage?

I am surprised that this simple craft work can bring so much fun to my life. Besides, decoupage has become one of the earning tools for me which can bring me some ideal income.

Painting - How Should You Varnish Your Paintings?

The simplest way to protect your painting from pollution, dust particles and any type of hazard is by the application of varnish over it. The colors will look more brilliant when you apply it on them.

Video Retrospectiva

The retrospective is a celebration of an event occurring and is usually organized at the end of a cycle. The most common types of retrospective look celebrating the life of a person, the union of ...

How to Make Home Looks More Beautiful

When you have oil painting reproductions hanging in your office or home, it absoutely will catch people's attention. They will inquire where you get it. And after you tell them, they will also like to ...