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Articles - How To Succeed

This Article introduces the concept of Article Marketing by describing what it is and how it is used. It then discusses the benefits and mentions specifics, such as the resource box and use of keywords. Finally, it outlines how it can be applied commercially.

Writing, Accounting and Synergy

Writing, in some aspects is similar to accounting; each element of a story - theme, setting, plot, conflict, characters - must all work together to create an error free balance sheet at the end. In other words, they must meld together to create a coherent, engaging, and interesting article or book.

Interviewing Techniques For The Journalist

At some point in your career you will have to interview either a professional person, local resident, or a celebrity. Your interviewing techniques play an important part of getting the information you need to build a story. The harsh reality is once people know you are a journalist they can be very

How to Write a Biography for a Grant Application

The biography section of a grant application provides a grant-awarding agency with information that can help the agency decide whether or not the applicant should receive funds. Grants are a form of financial assistance donated from an organization to another organization or individual. Unlike a loa

5 Ways To Pace Your Writing Day

One of the challenges of writing is aligning your aspirations with your circumstances. It requires identifying what you want to achieve and then learning to get what you want. Some people write like maniacs and ...

What Are Some Fun Facts About North Carolina?

One of the most popular symbols of North Carolina is the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.cape hatteras lighthouse image by David Dorner from Fotolia.comNorth Carolina, one the 13 original colonies, has a long and interesting history. From its majestic Great Smoky mountain range to its pristine...

Is 2012 Real

Is 2012 Real? A Look at How the Global Consciousness May Be Creating It’s Own 2012

How to Write an Essay on the Reasons to Go to College

There are myriad reasons to enroll in college, and these reasons can be presented in a persuasive essay. This type of essay is written to encourage the reader to take action on a given subject. In this case, the essay would highlight the benefits of postsecondary education and encourage the reader t

Regular Jobs Of A Electrical Installer Apprentice

An electrical contractor trainee is a person that goes through in depth training to become a journeyman or a professional electrical contractor. A apprentice need to go to electrical theory lessons to learn about the code rules, diagram reading, math, basic safety procedures and much more, along wit

Tips on Writing Movie Scripts

In addition to a compelling story, a successful movie script also requires a firm grasp of a variety of different concepts, ranging from story structure to plot construction to basic formatting. For novice screenwriters, there are numerous resources available offering hints and tips on how to turn a

Article Marketing Tips - Be Consistent, But How Could You Do It?

Articles have enormous potential for marketing and promotion. People actually want them, which is the exact opposite of the feeling they have developed for advertisements. The problem is, how could you get started and be consistent in doing it right from the start?