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Watching Royal Wedding Through Internet

Everyone around the world is busy talking about the royal wedding which is going to be held very soon. Prince William and Kate Middleton have finally set the date for their big day on 29th April 2011

Divorced But Living Together - Dating Etiquette!

Couple who are divorced but living together may want to date new people. As this could cause their new living arrangement to end in more tears a new kind of dating etiquette may be needed. Read on..

Cheating, Sex, Marriage and Monogamy

This article analyzes the key concepts of cheating, sex, marriage and monogamy, in the light of current events and news. Discusses the eternal conflict between nature, intelligence, ethics, religion a

Seven Great Dates

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it is time to begin thinking about how to celebrate. Even if it were not the season for romance, couples must continue dating throughout marriage. It is important for connection, nurturing and romance. It reminds people not to take each other for gra

How to Stop Divorce and Save Your Relationship For Good

The best way to stop a divorce is to make the person realize that it is was a hasty and bad decision and he or she should try to give a second chance to your relationship. Convincing him or her does not at all mean to hang around the latter all round the clock, begging or pleading the person to reco

Marriage Advice: The Grass Is Not Greener

In every marriage, it's important to guard yourself against the what if's and the grass might be greener fantasies. It's a natural reaction to wonder what if, when your marriage starts to struggle and face ...

What Love is Not

Love does not judge or condemn, rather, it seeks to uplift the spirit of the other person whom you love so greatly. If you act judgmental towards your partner, predicting what or who he or she is without even knowing the whole story or the real deal of the situation, this means that you do not truly

Can You Avoid Divorce?

To maintain a happy marriage even in the best of times only has a success rate of about 50%. Divorce is so available these days that many see it as an easier choice than working to resolve their problems. But with our economic problems today, we are a long way from the best of times and relationship

How to Get A Man to Want You And Gain His Total Commitment

You are looking for ways and tips on how to get a man to want you and show more interest in you. First thing you need to do is to know how your man thinks and how he feels. Men don't see things the way women do. They are more single-minded than women. Men can easily show less interest for just

Be Absolutely Irresistible - Make Any Man Fall in Love

Are you tired of being overlooked by men? Do you see women getting guys all around you? Do you want to be absolutely irresistible to the opposite sex? Then follow these simple suggestions to have any man falling completely in love with you.

Autumn Tips For Great Bridesmaids Gifts

This fall one the most important details that a bride will need to take care of is getting gifts for her maid of honor and Pronovias Macao bridesmaids. These are the ladies who are your close friends

Wanna Have The Best Relationship Possible?

For anyone with experience in the area of relationships, it becomes obvious that love and respect are the two key elements which make a good marriage. However, beyond love and respect there are a few ...

The Marriage Counselor

Since the early 1970's the divorce rate for marriages has steadily been on an upward swing, and presently the divorce rate is staggering at around some 50% in America alone, with projections forecasted to steadily ...