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Getting the Bridal Shower and Wedding Shower Favors Home

The conclusion of any bridal shower and wedding shower favors deal is getting the purchased goods to the couple. Due the new emerging technology we expect more shipping methods to emerge on top of the current ones as courier services as post office parcel delivery, DHL, and the FedEx and buyer deliv

One Big Worry for Guys

I'm not really sure about how other men feel,but one big worry for men is whether he can bring the bread and butter home every day.(This money problem will only go away if money grow on trees.)

The Most Simple Steps to Save Money on Your Wedding

When planning your wedding, you don't have to break the bank and you can still have the fabulous wedding you've dreamed of since you were a little girl. All it takes is a little time, creativity, and planning ahead to make your wedding can look like you spent more than three times what you

Learn Groom Wedding Speeches

Are you a Groom? Do you feel that you cannot give a speech in front of the crowd?. Do not worry it is very simple to give a great groom speech.

7 Ways to Shop for Engraved Personalized Gifts

The trend in giving gifts has never been better with the advent of engraved personalized gifts. Engraved personalized gifts put an end to tiresome gift searching and offers the best solution to gift giving dilemmas. Giving engraved personalized gifts also offers options to the giver. One can make up

How to Make Your Own Tiara Crown for a Wedding Headpiece

The average American wedding cost $24,000 in 2010, and that figure does not include the cost of the honeymoon or even wedding rings. To lower that total, a bride-to-be can make her own tiara. The homemade option allows her to customize the tiara to her taste and style.

How to Sew a Veil Onto a Tiara

Step out in style on your wedding day by attaching your veil to your tiara. Creating one headpiece instead of trying to arrange two will not only set your mind at ease but it will also make the look complete. The sparkle and shine of the rhinestones on a tiara along with the purity of a veil are lov

Wedding Flowers for Every Season

Choosing flowers for your wedding can be a difficult decision to make and shouldn't be something that is left until the last minute. This is a brief guide on how to select flowers for each season of the year, with the intent of making the decision a little easier for the flustered couple.

Wedding Gift Items - Choose From a Long List of Gift Items

If you are looking for the perfect wedding gift idea, look no further, because everything is right here. Read through this article and discover the things that you need to consider when selecting the best groomsmen gift ideas. Read through this article and discover the things that you need to consid

Hottest Trends In Wedding Flowers

Gone are the days when traditional white on white ceremonies would take place and the only flowers that would adorn wedding ceremonies would be roses. Of course, roses are still a popular choice but flowers are acquiring a brand new dimension in the wedding ceremony today. Here are some of the hotte

Flower Girl Basket Alternative

For brides seeking non-traditional items at their wedding, alternatives to flower girl baskets should be used. Brides must keep in mind that any alternatives to the traditional flower girl baskets should blend with the overall theme and flow of the wedding. Alternative flower girl baskets should b

Types of Home Catalog Parties

If you've ever been invited to a direct sales party, you know the general concept of a home catalog party. The hostess invites friends and family to her home, serves food and drink and introduces a line of products from which guests can order. These days, the product being sold can run t

How to Make Boutonnieres for a Groom

A Groom's boutonniere is unique from all the rest of the groomsmen in a wedding party. Where a boutonniere is one flower stem attached to the lapel of a tuxedo front, the groom's boutonniere should be a compliment to his bride's bouquet.

Finding the Perfect Wedding Videographer

Every couple knows that finding a great photographer is key to capture their special wedding moments. A photographer may not be all that you need to preserve every memory, though, and more and more couples are also choosing to have their wedding videotaped as well. These are some things to keep in m

Ideas for Budget Wedding Centerpieces

A lot of brides and grooms wish to create great wedding centerpieces, but at the same time save while doing this. The common idea for wedding centerpieces is that most will just use flowers and ...

How to Cover the Guide Wires of a Wedding Tent

Wedding tents help to keep the sun off of the guests and bridal party during the day and can keep the wedding or reception dry if it happens to rain on the special day. Guide wires run along the sides or corners of the tent to keep it stable in the ground. They can be unsightly, however, if you want

DIY Wedding Favor Chinese Take-Out Boxes

A wedding doesn't necessarily have to have an Asian theme to include Chinese Take-Out Box Wedding Favors. The intriguing containers come in all shapes, sizes and colors and can be filled with much more than the standard fortune cookie. If you plan to include them as your wedding favor, be creative