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Showing its concern towards the environment, or so to say, Nakshatra launched its new logo, green in colour apparently representing the vibrancy and freshness of nature. Katrina Kaif face of the brand, had the honours of unveiling the new logo at Taj Lands End in Mumbai on 11th of July.

Hair Extensions and Excess Shedding Issue

We frequently get Emails from women and men who have gotten hair extensions and are having trouble or experiencing some sort of problem with them.Maybe they just want to confirm what their stylist told them is correct, or maybe they can't get a hold of their hair extension stylist and need some

How Does Cornrow Hair Stay in Place?

Hair TypeShort to medium, KinkyAssess the hair texture and length. Determining the type of hair--whether kinky, wavy, tightly spiraled, loosely curled, straight or any combination thereof--will help one decide on how to prepare hair for cornrows. Different hair types require different...

How to Apply Makeup for a Photo Shoot

Professional photography shoots can build up your reputation as a model. You will need to look fresh and natural, as if you have no makeup on. Ironically, you will need more makeup than usual. Makeup for a photo shoot is similar to doing makeup for everyday, just a bit heavier.

Hair & Beauty Tips: Video Series

Your hair says a great deal about your personality in ways that many people might not realize. Find out about hair care and beauty tips with help from an experienced hair professional in this free video series.

Home Spa Secrets

You don't have to make an appointment at a spa or pay the hefty price that some spa services come with. With the right tools and a little time, you can create an at-home spa experience. With the daily pressures of work, taking care of your family and countless errands, everyone needs a little pick-m

How to Buy Men's Shoes in a Woman's Size

Convert your shoe size and you can easily shop for the styles you want. Conversion will make it easier to shop online as well. Sizes vary by country as well as gender.

How to Get Rid of Fire Odor Out of Clothes

Odor caused by fire smoke can be removed from most cotton and polyester clothing, but you will likely have to replace clothing that is made of silk or other delicate material. Those fabrics can be dry-cleaned, but that method of cleaning isn't always effective.

How to Do Steam Facials at Home

Pamper your skin at home for a fraction of the cost you would pay for a salon facial. While you may not be in a luxurious spa or seaside resort, your skin won't know the difference. An at-home steam facial is a deep-cleansing treatment that opens up your pores and removes dirt and oil. You don't nee

How to Make Gorgeous Braids

Braids are highly versatile and can be incorporated into nearly any hairstyle. Fashionable braids are easy to create for both casual and elegant events. They are also the perfect solution for summer days as they keep the hair back and out of the face. Advanced braided hairstyles may take some practi

Vitamin C - Beauty and a Beast

Most likely you've either seen, heard or read about the benefits of vitamin C. Its external use has had fairly good evidence of successfully fighting fine lines and wrinkles. But before you get too excited and run out to throw your money at anything that claims to have this, take a closer look.

How to Tell Real Nike Jordans From Fakes

Jordan sneakers from Nike are popular basketball sneakers that are highly collectible. Due to their popularity, there are many counterfeit or knock-off versions of Air Jordan shoes. These are usually sold online or on the street at a much cheaper price than the real thing. The price is tempting for

How to Wear a Q-Ray Bracelet

The Q-Ray bracelet allegedly improves vitality, balance and bio-energy. The company claims that this bracelet will improve the overall energy level and mindset of the person wearing it. According to the manufacturer, there is a specific way the bracelet should be worn.

Exactly what The Laser Hair Removal Methods

On the preliminary notice, there are individuals who have never had to shave again years following having a laser hair removal process; for such individuals, laser treatment is very successful.Do not

How to Improve My Appearance - Find the Best Way

If you have ever asked yourself "what is the best way on how to improve my appearance" you are not alone. Women are always more attractive to clean men and most of all stylish ones. You do not have to be a regular Brad Pitt either in order to attract women. Simply by changing your clothes

Reconstructive Surgeon - An Artist of Beauty

An artist is one who gives importance and appreciates beauty. Aside from painters and poets, we still have other artists of different fields. So can we consider reconstructive surgeon as an artist?Examples of body deformities that reconstructive surgeon works on are cleft lips, cleft palates, webbed

How to Sew a Mandarin Collar

Mandarin collars are a design staple with an Asian influence. Mandarin collars are stand-up or band collars that can add a completely different look to your outfits. Sew a Mandarin collar to shirts, jackets or dresses. Make your Mandarin collar using fabric and lightweight interfacing. Create a whol

DIY Acrylic Railings

Acrylic is a clear plastic that resembled ice or glass. You can use acrylic for just about any application where you would normally use wood. You can use a clear piece of square or round acrylic stock as a handrail for a stairwell. Cutting and installing the handrail makes a good do-it-yourself pro