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Affordable Health Insurance For the Unemployed

Indemnity health insurance policies are known as handed-down health insurance policies. These health insurance policies may be expensive but often cover many health issues that may arise, while other insurance policies exclude some illnesses from their coverage. A few disfavours to insurance policie

Will Car Insurance Fix Paint Chips?

Car insurance covers paint chip repair if you carry comprehensive auto insurance, and the damage was not due to age, bugs, weathering or rust. If the paint chip damage is minimal, repairing the paint chips yourself will save you the deductible amount, and you won't incur increased insurance rates as

How to Take Health Insurance Premiums Off Taxes

Do you pay 100% of the healthcare premiums for you and your family? Investigate all potential tax deductions prior to April 15th. Overlooking deductible medical expenses is a costly mistake. Eligibility for this deduction includes families paying 100% of their own insurance and families with employ

COBRA Benefits - Health Coverage For the Recently Unemployed

If you or someone you lost has lost their job and then ends up in a dilemma on what to do considering that you still have to pay your COBRA health insurance premiums. It is important to note that you can always drop COBRA if at all you land yourself a better policy. The fact that you end up paying t

Medicare History

Medicare History is something everyone should be interested in that is on Medicare or approaching the age for retirement. Stay informed about Medicare, medigap and other issues concerning Medicare and Medicare supplement insurance.

Tips to Review a Health Insurance Policy

A health insurance policy is often described through a ream of paper and the kind of language it uses (with all that technical jargon) it may become very difficult for you to review it without the help of your insurance agent. However, if you keep in mind the following things, you can definitely rev

The Consensus is Health Care Costs Are Too High

Overall, most Americans that do have health care are seemingly happy with the care they get. Their major concern remains the cost of the premiums for what they are getting. Since this was an election year, this is even more of a concern due to the unknown factor of what the next president will do.

Four Ways to Save Money With Medicare

If you use Medicare as your primary health coverage then you could potentially pay for 50% of your medical bills. I'll show you four tips that can help you save money when you use Medicare.

Six Recommendations to Reduce Medical Insurance Premiums

As health care and insurance costs continue to rise, everyone is looking for recommendations to reduce medical insurance premiums. This article gives you six ways you can lower your health insurance costs now.

Mini Medical Plans - How to Choose the Right Plan

With the rising costs of health care, it's no wonder that many are looking for alternatives to help them stay safe and healthy without breaking the bank. Options that have grown in popularity in recent years are mini medical plans. These are health care plans that provide less care than a full-

Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance - Great Customer Service for Everyone

Life is not always smooth sailing. When accidents and illnesses happen, the last thing you want is to be caught without health insurance. Fortunately, with Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance, you can achieve excellent coverage to help make expensive hospital stays more affordable. After the heat of th

Explore Small Employer Group Plans

The rise of small entrepreneurs has reflected a sharp increase in the last decade. A large number of educated individuals have quit comfortable jobs in large multinationals and have started exploring the business world on their own.

Flexible Spending Accounts Limits

Flexible spending accounts are tax-preferred savings accounts that allow individuals to save money for a specific purpose, such as healthcare or dependent care. Because of the tax benefits associated with these accounts, the Internal Revenue Service has established limits on the amounts that you ca

Tax Rules for Health Plan Insurance Premiums

If you pay substantial out-of-pocket health care expenses, you may be able to translate these costs into big savings at tax time. The Internal Revenue Service allows taxpayers to deduct certain medical and dental expenses, including the cost of health insurance premiums. If you're paying for health

A Guide to Health Insurance

As a healthy young individual, we may not understand the importance of any kind of medical insurance. We may feel that we have regular health check-ups, and a great family medical history, so the likelihood of requiring medical attention is fairly low. However, with pollution and stress on the rise,