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How Important Is a Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor is an important item for your little one. It allows you to place your baby in another room where he can sleep while you do other household chores, take a rest or even have a meal. These monitors give you freedom to do other things even if you are a certain distance away from your baby

Month-Long Observances in June

Looking for month-long and week-long celebrations and observances in the month of June? Here are some that are of special interest to gifted children and their families.

Discipline your child with methods that really work

You are having a hard time with your toddler, he won't listen to you, and he creates a fuss when his little friends come over to play and is unwilling to share with them. What on Earth are you to do?

Simple Banana Dream Cake

Simple Banana Dream Cake, part of a collection of family cake and dessert recipes. This simple banana cake is delicious and sure to please your family.

9 Energy Tips for Moms

Try these realistic tips to recharge your energy when the children have tired you out.

Providing Single Parent Support - Support Groups for Parents

A single parent raising their children will need all the support they can get. Usually it is someone who is divorced or in other cases was never married mother or fathers that are now raising their children on their own. The children who are living with one parent in most cases face more financial c

How Does a Male Know When He Hits Puberty?

When a male starts to notice his genitals growing and pubic hair forming, he is likely undergoing the process of puberty. During this process, a male’s voice starts to deepen, his body structure and size starts to grow, and he begins to secrete more glands that produce sweat and oil. It is du

Five Easy Ways for a Busy Parent to Get More Involved in Their Kid's Education

Did you know that one of the number one complaints from our teachers and educators nowadays is parental involvement or better non-involvement? Many parents seem to think that the school should teach their children, manage them when they are there and that they as parents do not need to be involved o

Working and Breastfeeding - It is possible!

When my daughter was only 4 months old I was presented with a career opportunity I’d been working towards for quite a few years. I was torn between spending every precious moment with my little ...

Pork Chops With Picante Sauce

Slow Cooker Pork Chops With Picante Sauce, part of a collection of pork slow cooker and Crockpot recipes. Brown your porkchops, cover with picante sauce and cook all day in your Crock Pot.

Make Sure to Get the Best Crib for Your Child

The crib you allow your child to sleep in should be a major priority for the child. For any parent, the safety and comfort of his or her child is a top priority. It is important for a parent to understand that not all cribs can provide these two things.

Raising a Tobacco-Free Kid

When should you start teaching your child about the dangers of smoking? Begin as soon as they are able to understand and you will put them on the road to healthy habits.

Winter Baby Clothing

The best winter baby clothing will be clothing that is not only attractive and cute, but that also provides your babies with a good amount of protection against the winter months. This will help to ensure that they stay happy and healthy and can help avoid many related health difficulties. This can

How to Prevent Kids From Wandering and Getting Lost

There is nothing as frightening for a mom or dad to be out in the park or shopping or be anywhere and have one of your kids be "lost" if only for a few seconds. Here's one simple way to prevent this from happening and making you the next victim. Read on to learn more.