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Fertility Tourism Industry Booming As Sperm Numbers Decline

As sperm numbers decline and more and more people seek IVF treatment abroad, there has been a growth in companies which seek to help people going overseas. As long as the choices remain with the client, help on this overseas journey is no bad thing.

34 Weeks - Twins

This mother is expecting twins in her third pregnancy at 34 weeks.

27th Week of Pregnancy

The 27th week of pregnancy is here and your baby is growing a lot. How are you feeling?

Common Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Truth is what works for one expecting mother doesn't necessarily work for another.Ninety-five percent of the women who have tried acupressure have had success.

Benefits of Using a Birthing Pool

If you do not view anesthetics and analgesics in a favorable way, you might consider a birthing pool. Also called water birth, it is just like normal delivery only that it is done with the ...

Life After Birth

Life after birth can be chaotic, especially if this is your first baby.Taking care of your newborn is hard work and wont be much fun until he or she develops a personality.In case you didnt know, a newborn doesnt laugh or smile, it cant play or even hold its own head up without a supporting hand.All

Valuable Guidance for Couples Looking to Get Pregnant Fast

The obvious response to the question of how to get pregnant fast would be to enjoy lots of sex together with your significant other. For an enormous number of females experiencing infertility concerns, regrettably, even ...

Treating Itching During Pregnancy

While you might have escaped some of the more unpleasant parts of pregnancy like swelling and morning sickness, you might find yourself afflicted with a few minor problems instead.Or, you might have to deal with them in addition to some more serious conditions.Itching during pregnancy is a common so

When Conception Isn't So Easy

In today's society where instant gratification is the order of the day, results that are not forthcoming in our set time frames are regarded as failures. Conceiving is no different. Many couples envisage falling pregnant on their honeymoon to fit in with their perfect love story. The truth of t

My Pregnancy Problems

My husband and I have been married for two and a half years now. We want a baby so bad, but we've been having quite a few set backs. The first one happened a little over a year ago.

Pregnancy - In Vitro Fertilization Being Used More

Many infertile couples have turned to in vitro fertilization (IVF), as a means of conception. This is perhaps the most well-known of all fertility treatments and is used to help many patients with several fertility problems.

5 Ways to Hear Your Baby's Heartbeat During Pregnancy

Hearing your baby's heart beat for the first time is an amazing feeling. Here are the different ways that your midwife or doctor might listen to your baby's heart beat in your prenatal care visits.

How to Become Pregnant - No Matter What Difficulties You've Had So Far!

Are you finally ready to start that new chapter in your life? Do you want nothing more than to become pregnant within the next few months? If you are at the edge of your seat as you read the questions above coming from the excitement and anticipation of your future child then this article is just fo