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Ways to Reduce Heartburn

There are many ways to reduce heartburn frequency.There are some pretty safe foods for heartburn sufferers.However, it may be necessary to evaluate your lifestyle and overall health in order to prevent the frequency of heartburn.

IBS Drug Zelnorm Taken Off U.S. Market

The FDA announced that the irritable bowel syndrome drug Zelnorm is being voluntarily taken off the market because of possible cardiovascular risks.

7 Simple Solutions to Appease Late Night Heartburn Symptoms and Acid Reflux

What person hasn't shot up erect from sleeping during the night, woke up by the unanticipated awful burning discomfort of the abyss within their stomach area? No matter if you took part in very hot and spicy meal, or consumed to much of all those late-night leftovers, these rapid heartburn symp

Ulcer Stomach Pain

Stomach ulcers are lesions or open sores typically caused by infection or long-term use of certain medication. They result in acute stomach pain as well as blood in the vomit and stool. Treatments and prevention for stomach pain caused by ulcers are straightforward but imperative as ignoring pain ca

Colectomy for the Treatment of Ulcerative Colitis in the Elderly

Ulcerative colitis (UC) is a disease in the family of inflammatory bowel diseases. The disease causes pain in the abdomen, rectal bleeding, and varying degrees of diarrhea. The treatment options for UC involve medication, IV treatments, and a final option of a colectomy. A colectomy becomes more nec

How to Cure a Bitter Mouth

There are more than 200,000 people who go to a doctor each year for problems such as taste disorders, and more cases go unreported. While our taste buds allow us to enjoy the sensations of sweet, sour, bitter or salty foods, a continued bitter taste in the mouth is unpleasant. The causes are complex

Acid Reflux Surgery

Have you tried to find a cure for the heartburn you experience every time after you have indulged in the foods you like, yet nothing good seems to be happening? Well, do not give up because an answer to your acid reflux problem is knocking on your door.

How Can You Detect Stomach Ulcers?

Did you know that you have a one in ten chance of developing an ulcer at some time in your life? These small perforations of the gastrointestinal tract can cause a world of hurt and complications that may jeopardize your health. Stomach ulcers, sometimes called a peptic ulcer, are small holes in the

How to Cure a Nervous Stomach

Do you frequently get a queasy upset stomach? There never seems to be any pain or vomiting; however, the upset stomach and loss of appetite are disconcerting enough. Long called a nervous stomach many doctors refer to the condition as irritable bowel syndrome. It can be difficult to cure a nervous s

Fatty Liver Takes Center Stage

The number of abstracts and posters on fatty liver at DDW 2013 demonstrates the significance of this increasingly prevalent liver disorder.

Hepatitis G Virus (GBV-C): What We Know So Far

The hepatitis G virus, known as GBV-C, seems to be well tolerated and could be a silver lining for patients with HIV, yet it increases the risk for non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Small Bowel Imaging in Crohn's Disease

This new study gives a comprehensive overview of the many different types of imaging possibilities in Crohn's disease, from CT, to MRI, and others.

Reflux Symptoms in Babies

Almost every baby spits up at least once while growing up. What many parents term "spitting up" is actually infant reflux. Reflux symptoms in babies are caused by milk backing up into the esophagus and exiting through the mouth, resulting in spitting up during or after feedings.