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Animals That Are Carnivores in the Tropical Rainforest

Large predators are uncommon in tropical rainforests because large prey species are also rare. The carnivores that do exist have adapted to be able to hunt above ground in the forest canopy as well as on the ground; they have also adapted to eat smaller prey. Many omnivorous animals--animals that ea

Factors That Influence Resistance in an Insulator

Insulators, also called dielectrics, are non-metallic solid materials that resist the flow of electrons. Insulators offer a protective barrier when placed over electrically charged materials that could potentially shock, such as electrical wires. Factors such as an insulator's material, temperature

Holly Tree Gifts

Decorate your holly tree gift with red bulbs; it won't be blooming for a few holly image by Julianna Olah from Fotolia.comHolly trees are a hardy and festive tree during the Christmas holiday. This evergreen produces red berries if you have several growing together to...

Terra Cotta Pots With Salt Damage

Containers are used not only to hold plants but also to add aesthetic value to a building's interior or exterior. One type of container that is utilized for its appeal and practicality is the terra cotta pot. While these pots can offer unique ornamentation, their porous nature increases the amount o

What Is the Density of Neon?

An inert gas that makes up about one part in 65,000 of air by volume, neon's density changes predictably with temperature and pressure. Familiar to most people for its use in electric signs, neon is relatively light. And because it's non-flammable, it's safe to work with.

How to Convert AC Currents to DC

An electrical device exposed to the wrong type of electrical energy can become damaged. All devices with a detachable power cable require either DC or AC power, and are labeled as such. If the original power cable is lost, and an electrical device requires DC power, you can construct a power adapter

How to Cope a Corner With a Compound Saw

Installing molding requires many different skills including how to cut mitered joints for corners that are at 90-degree angles. On older homes, where the corners may not be at precise 90-degree angles, an effective alternative is the coped joint. The coped joint requires that the molding on one wall

How to Set Atomic Clocks After a Time Change

Most atomic clocks will adjust their time after a time change automatically. The clock might not adjust at the time you go to bed, but will the next time the clock receives the radio signal to calibrate time. If your clock has the daylight savings time feature turned off, then you can manually enter

How to Calculate the Volume of a Cylinder in Gallons

A cylinder is a geometrical shape that has circles as the top and bottom bases. The cylinder length (height) corresponds to the top to bottom distance. The volume of a cylinder is obtained by multiplying the length of the cylinder by the square of the radius of the circle base, multiplied by pi, the

Duck Carving Tools

With the right tools, duck carving is 3 image by Aussiebloke from Fotolia.comAccording to Cornell University's Duck Research Lab, cooking duck is similar to cooking other poultry, such as chicken or turkey. Duck meat also contains amino acids and has a high protein...

Steam Turbine Projects

Thinkstock Images/Comstock/Getty ImagesSteam turbines are frequently used by engineers for harnessing energy and in applications that require the movement of gaseous vapor. A steam turbine for harnessing electricity is often found within nuclear reactors or geothermal power generation...

How to Measure DC Motor Rotation

One method for measuring the rotation of a motor involves coupling a mechanism to the motor shaft that provides leads to a tachometer circuit. This results in mechanical loss that also prevents the motor from turning at it maximum speed. Another method can be done without making contact with the m

How to Make Embossed Wooden Alphabet Blocks

From delicate curls of gold to the almost unearthly shimmer of silver, embossing is usually used on cards and other delicate decorations. However, it can also be utilized to decorate wooden alphabet blocks, creating the perfect centerpiece or decoration in a child's room or even a library. Each bloc

How to Convert Tyler Screen Size from Microns to Inches

Converting the Tyler mesh screen size from microns to inches is sometimes required when trying to determine whether granular materials like peanuts, fertilizer, grain, and rice contain too many bad pieces. The process is developed by placing a large quantity of a granular material on a Tyler mesh to

DIY Etching Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is used for doors, windows, automotive glass and other areas where glass shards would be dangerous. When impacted, tempered glass will stay in the frame, increasing the safety. If you want to put an image, wording or numbers on your tempered glass, you can use a glass etching cream at

Copper Foil Tools

Copper foil is a tooling metal that is most often available in rolls. The standard thickness for copper foil is 5 millimeters, much thicker than kitchen foil but still thin enough to be flexible and easy to work with. Copper foil is a versatile material for all types of home and garden...

The Average Cost of Motorcycle Insurance in 2007

While it is difficult to determine the average cost of any type of insurance because there are so many extraneous factors, the cost per year in 2007 for motorcycle insurance in the United States was between $150 and $300. This number is broad, as factors such as geography, type of bike, and the indi