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Patchwork Quilting Past to Present

Patchwork quilting has been handed down to us throughout our history of America. We are richer for it as it chronicles those chapters of our fledgling country to major nation; from Colonial to Modern times. But where does patchwork quilting belong in today's society?

Elegant Doll Furniture: Formational Advice

Once you have completed your inside design, it is time to look again at the exterior design and some ways to make it look better.The first thing that everybody looks at is the paint and the shingles.Three coats of high quality paint, recommended for dollhouses, is the minimum for dollhouse display.

Antique Furniture Value

One of the most important things that every antique owner checks first - is the VALUE! You might ask why, but the answer lies in the question. Antiques are antiques if they offer great value and contribution to owner. Most of the time antique value is determined by the market's asking price.

Remarkable Antique Sewing Machine

There are several forms of old-fashioned stitching machines available during this modern time. These machines are especially created to help people accomplish their task with a very short span of time. Although the advancement of technology has made several changes in the manufacturing of sewing ins

Water Based Adhesive Glue And More

Having a lot of issues regarding the right adhesive glue to use is not strange especially if you live in India. Living in India can be very stressful especially when you have no idea about what to do regarding the specific choices of the right glue.

Are You Looking For Ways Of Creating A Best Fathers Day Greeting Card?

If you are looking for a variety of ways or tips to create a memorable father’s day greeting card, then this article focuses on a few valuable tips and tricks of helping you in creating one for your father. There are a number of ways and techniques by which you can create exquisite and excitin

1972 NCAAP Award

The Collection of Michael Jackson held at Julien's Auctions - April 2009

Knitting Your Way To Happiness

Life just comes at us, doesn't it, in a million different ways. Every waking minute of our day, it seems as if there is always something waiting for us. Some of it imminent; most of it pertinent; a little of it of no consequence.Yes, life can be so complicated. Yet, it is in the midst of our da

Zippo Windproof Lighters - Collect An American Icon

You do not have to be a smoker to be a collector of Zippo Lighters. This lighter is a piece of classic American workmanship that has proved itself as being an ideal object to collect, to use and to be seen with. Zippo Lighters, first manufactured in the early 1930s, represent one of the fastest grow

An Exciting Third Season

The third season starts off with a bang, or at least they hope so with a live show.

Ethnic Japanese Pottery Growth and Development

The growth of ceramics in Japan practically began in the Momoyama era (1568 to 1615). The tradition of Japanese ceramics for commercial purposes is relatively recent although pottery has been made there since 5000 BC with coils, ornamented by rope patterns which were hand impressed and scorched in t