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Drywall Manufacturing Process

Go into any new home under construction, and you're going to see drywall when the walls get surfaced. The material is commonly used and replaced the old-style funny-board/plaster walling approach used until the 1950s. Drywall today can be bought in bulk from manufacturers as well as from the local b

How to Restore your Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring can be an inexpensive and durable alternative to hardwood or tile options, but when the material starts to look worn, the entire space is affected. Laminate flooring sees plenty of foot traffic, so dirt and grime can build up over time. Restore the look of the floor with a few simp

How to Design a Kitchen Tabletop With Rock & Grate

You must have a fair amount of handyperson knowledge and skills to design and build your own furniture. However, if you are working with a professional to construct a custom piece, deciding on the design is a little easier. She will inform you of structural requirements, measurements and the other d

How to Put Block Skirting Around a Manufactured Home

A manufactured home is sturdy and relatively easy to maintain, but if the underside of the home is not protected by a curtain wall (i.e., skirted), then you may have problems. Pets and animals can damage insulation under your home, pipes can freeze, wind-blown debris can build up, and children can

How to Plan a Retro Kitchen Remodel

Many homeowners remember the warmth and coziness of Grandma's kitchen. With bread baking in the oven, pies cooling in an open window and pots of coffee brewing on the stove, memories of this time in our lives are special. Designing a retro kitchen that reminds us of a vintage space is a wonderful wa

Water Heaters Explained

Water heaters may account for up to a quarter of all the energy consumed by your home, according to This means that your water heater is likely the second-biggest eater of energy, behind your heating and cooling system. Water heaters can be powered by gas or electricity, but essent

How to Set an Appliance's Gas Pressure

Gas appliances are popular among many people because of their energy efficiency. Gas appliances, such as stoves, are easier to use because the heat is easier to regulate. Most gas appliances are equipped with a regulator that controls the rate at which the flow of gas is sent to the appliance. The r

How to Bore a Hole in Slate Tile

Slate tiles are hard, with slippery surfaces that tend to make drill bits wander before they dig into the material. When nailing slate tiles, such as those attached to a roof, pre-drilling is a necessity since hammer blows could be enough to shatter the tiles. A carbide-tipped masonry bit does the h

How to Remove Lumber Mill Ink Stamps on Pressure Treated Wood

If you've purchased treated wood directly from a lumber mill, chances are the lumber mill has stamped the wood in ink. These ink stamps help indicate where the wood came from, how to wood was treated, its grade and the type of wood it is. You will want to remove the ink directly from the wood if you

How to Increase the Value of Your House With No-Miter Molding

Molding, the wood trim that borders your walls at the top and bottom, is generally mitered, meaning it’s cut at angles that fit together to form the corners. It’s a somewhat complicated process to cut and install it, and the miters are sometimes difficult to get right. If you want an eas

Grants for Solar Power for Homeowners

Grants can help with home solar power image by Cora Reed from Fotolia.comGrants are available to homeowners to help with the costs of installing solar power. In the United States, the federal and individual state governments are the primary sources of these grants. Research a...

How to Measure Doorways

Measuring a doorway correctly enables you to know if a piece of furniture you're considering would fit through the opening. If not, your choices are to find furniture that will fit or take down the door framing. Another time homeowners need the exact measurements is when purchasing a new door. Obtai

How to Construct a 12X12 Paver Patio at Low Cost

Building a small paver patio is a challenging but potentially rewarding project that can be completed in a weekend with hard work. To build a low cost patio, choose the dry installation method, which uses sand and gravel or more expensive mortar. Brick pavers are relatively inexpensive and can eithe

How to Clean Bare Aluminum

Distinguished by its resiliency and enduring strength, aluminum is a lightweight metal used in numerous products. Lawn furniture, siding, roofing and cookware often contain aluminum. Although bare aluminum is durable and corrosion-resistant, it becomes soiled over time. Bare aluminum can accumulate

How to Paint Older Drywall

Aging drywall is evinced by sags in the drywall and erosion of the components. Moisture and humidity will cause the drywall to expand and flake given enough time. Painting over old drywall that shows signs of deterioration requires patching and repairing the various damaged portions. Basic repairs,

How to Use a Grout Bag for Mortar Joints

Mortar joints are the spaces between bricks or brick tiles. As with regular tiles, those joints are filled with mortar or grout. The joints between brick tiles are generally wider than those between regular tiles (1/2 inch, instead of 1/8 to ¼ inch), which is too wide to effectively grout wit

Installing a Carpet Runner on Stairs

Preparing the Tackless StripsAdding a carpet runner to stairs is a fairly simple job. First, determine the width of the runner you need. The majority of carpet runners are 27 to 32 inches wide. However, some companies will custom-cut the runner for your needs. Once you get the runner for...

How to Troubleshoot Drywall

Drywall is an inexpensive and convenient material for interior finished walls, but it can end up looking unattractive if it is installed improperly. When drywall mounting, taping, mudding and sanding are rushed or done sloppily, the result can be a wall that looks amateurish and unappealing. Drywall

How to Make Concrete Step Liners

On their own, concrete steps look cold and uninviting. A little texture, however, can do wonders. Concrete step liners are textured, rubber strips that are nailed to the inside front edges of concrete step forms. After the concrete is poured and the form boards are removed, the front edges of the st