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How to Paint Concrete Statues

Painting an old concrete statue, like a garden gnome, can give it a cleaner look. You can also paint a new statue to match the décor of your patio or garden---just make sure it has been removed from its mold for at least three weeks before painting it. The process is much the same as other pain

How to Clean Old Dirty Carpet

Cleaning dirty old carpet is a challenge because once dirt and sand reach the bottom of the carpet, it's almost impossible to get it out. You can clean carpets yourself with a rented carpet cleaner. These machines use two methods for cleaning: hot water extraction or an agitator brush. Preferably yo

Hints on How to Remove Baby Stool Stains From Clothing

Clean, fresh baby clothing requires the ability to remove all baby stool stains.babies clothes image by jedphoto from Fotolia.comBaby stool stains on clothing are a common occurrence with a baby in the house. Until potty training is complete, accidents or leakage can happen, resulting in...

How to Eliminate Mildew From Beach Chairs

Make your beach chairs, lawn chairs, and other outdoor furniture clean again. This is a simple yet very effective method to remove mildew from outdoor furniture.

How to Get Scratches Off an Enamel Gas Cooktop

Some GE cooktops are coated with an enamel-based paint for a smooth finish that's relatively easy to clean and protects the underlying metal from rust. Dropping an object like a knife on the cooktop may scratch or chip the enamel, leaving an ugly mark. Repair kits with enamel paint formulated for ap

How to Get Rid of Fold Marks on a Poster

No matter how beautiful the art on your poster, a fold mark or any type of wrinkle can ruin its appearance. While prevention is the best solution for keeping posters in good shape, sometimes creasing the delicate paper is unavoidable when a poster is moved or put into storage. Before you give up you

How to Clean a Cotton Sofa

Both soft and comfortable, your cotton sofa is the perfect addition to your living room. Perhaps it’s so comfortable that your family spends considerable time on it. That being the case, it’s important not just for aesthetic reasons, but sanitary reasons as well to keep it as clean as po

How to Remove Mildew From the Outside of a Building

Mildew thrives in dim, humid environments and appears as black or colored spots on building exteriors, such as vinyl siding. Buildings surrounded by dense vegetation are especially susceptible to mildew. Mildew feeds on dirt and other organic debris on siding. Unlike dirt, mildew is more than just a

Green Products for Removal of Mold Spores

Mold found in homes is a type of fungus that lives by breaking down the material on which it resides. As part of their life cycle, molds produce spores for reproduction. It's these mold spores that cause health problems. Because the mold spores travel in the air, it is difficult to get rid of them d

How to Etch Concrete With Muriatic Acid

A smooth concrete floor must be roughened before paint will stick to it. You roughen such a floor by etching it with muriatic acid. Muriatic acid acts like liquid sandpaper by roughening the surface of the concrete. It also reduces the surface alkalinity of the concrete that can cause some paints to

Weed Killers Safe for Vegetables

Growing your own produce can be rewarding and healthy. Keeping weeds from taking over your garden can be frustrating and defeating. There are not many chemical controls registered for safe use on vegetable gardens. Post-emergent chemicals are non-selective and will damage your vegetable plants. Ther

How to Clean a Ceramic Cooktop

Ceramic glass or solid surface cooktop stoves are one of three electric versions available for purchase by consumers. The ceramic cooktops have the electric elements sealed beneath a solid surface, which makes it a popular feature due to the easy clean up. The purchase of a special cleaner for the c

How to Change the Battery in a Battery Operated Pepper Mill

Chefs and home cooks often use freshly ground pepper in their recipes. Manual pepper mills are not difficult to operate but an electric pepper mill can be used by one hand with the press of a button. The batteries are usually hidden inside the base of the mill. If your pepper mill is grinding slowly

How Do I Find an Alkaline-Based Pool Filter Cleaning Solution?

Alkaline cleaners cut through grease and oil, while acidic cleaners get rid of mineral buildup like hard water stains. Because your pool filter has its share of grease and oil residue from sunscreen and other debris, you will likely use an alkaline-based product when cleaning it. Fortunately, most p

How to Clean Suede Toss Pillows

Suede toss pillows make a beautiful decorative accent---but beware, if they become dirty or stained, suede is tricky to clean. Unfortunately you can't just put suede toss pillows in the washing machine; you need to clean them by hand, which takes time. Don't let this hold you back from having them t

How to Make a Shooting Star Ceiling

When it's time to redecorate their bedrooms, children often have complicated, inventive schemes and ideas in mind that they'll quickly outgrow. Allow your little star gazer to add highlights that will only be visible when the lights are off. Using simple glow-in-the-dark paints, you and your child c

How to Clean Imitation Suede

Imitation suede is actually made of cotton that is manufactured so the fabric has a suede-like feel to it. It also goes by the names Microsuede and Ultrasuede and is a common material used for everything from clothing, shoes, bedding and furniture covers. Although imitation suede lacks the authentic

How to Clean Animal Smell Out of Foam Rubber

Pet urine, vomit and the smell of wet dog will create an unpleasant smell on your furniture that can permeate your entire home. To keep your home smelling fresh, it is important to clean animal smells out of furniture as soon as they are noticed. Items that are made out of foam rubber such as pet be