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Do-It-Yourself Bear Fence

Both black bears and grizzly bears are native to the United States. Though human encounters with bears often make the news, bears are much more likely to attack your bee hives or apple trees than they are you. During their prime feeding season of late summer, they're driven to consume a massive numb

What Type of Mulch Is Best for Blackberries?

The culture for blackberries is similar to that of red raspberries, as both are considered brambles and are closely related species. A sunny garden spot with a deep, moist but well-drained soil promotes the best growth of blackberry canes. However, overly wet soil conditions and lack of air circulat

How to Reinstall a Toilet After Vinyl Installation

The new vinyl flooring in the bathroom looks great, but now you're left scratching your head. How do you reinstall the toilet? Installing a toilet is not a complicated project; all you need is a bit of elbow grease, a couple plumbing items and a few common household tools. In half an hour you can ha

How to Drill Into Stone Walls

Though stone is trickier to drill than wood, the process is very similar. The real key is to understand what kind of stone it is. While most woods are of very similar texture, the hardness and durability of stone varies widely.

The Best Way to Anchor a Metal Shelf to Drywall

Shelves are a great way to add storage space in any room. The last thing that you want to happen is your shelf collapsing and falling off the wall because of too much weight. The ideal solution is to anchor your shelf to wall studs, but if that is not possible you can still install your shelf by usi

How to Barbwire a Fence

Barbwire, often seen surrounding pastures in the countryside, was first invented in 1868 and became the wire of choice for ranchers after the American Civil War. Consisting of two or more strands of twisted wire, the barbs are offset from the wire at predetermined spacing. Barbwire, although it can

Bus shelters: Durable and cost-effective

Shelters not only provide a covered enclosed and a safe and dry environment to the waiting passengers but it is also provides a seating place for the elderly or those people who are travelling with ...

Solar Lights - An Easy Way to Outdoor Lighting

There are many ways to light up your outdoors. You can wire in lights but that has limitations and once wired, they are not easily moved.With solar lighting,you can move lights around until you get the effect you want.The soft subtle lights cast a warm glow on your area and accentuate your yard.

Do-It-Yourself Pavers

According to the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers, a good first impression of your home can increase its value up to 10 percent with prospective buyers. (Reference 2) Building a paver area outside your home provides the short-term benefit of creating a space for sitting and walking. Do

Resin Bound Paving and Gravel Driveways in the UK.

At present, it seems that there is a rampant display of a wide array of driveway designs everywhere in the world. This is also evident in countries like UK, where houses that have grand gravel ...

Beautiful Gardens and Landscapes

You might be living in a new house where you can use a bundle of ideas. Or you might have an old house that needs a garden makeover. And if you are just getting started ...

Reasons Why Canada Green Grass Seed is the Best For Your Lawn

Are you interested in growing a lawn? It is best to consider the Canada green grass seed for it does well in all kinds of weather and climatic conditions; it is evergreen and is strong enough to withstand people even trampling on it without wearing. This kind of grass also grows very fast enabling y

How to Landscape a One Acre Lot with Mulch & Rocks

Using rocks or mulch to landscape a large yard is a good option for conserving water. You'll save money overall by not planting grass, and these landscape choices can be used in many types of garden styles and applications. It does take planning, and the amount of materials you purchase may warrant

Synthetic Grass Has More Benefits Than Natural Grass

Households that have converted from regular natural grass lawns to synthetic grass lawns can enjoy many benefits not provided by real grass. Installing artificial grass is an alternative which most of the homeowners prefer as they can enjoy many benefits not provided by the natural grass.

Landscaping Ideas for a Log Home

A home's architecture must be considered when creating a landscape design. Garden design has evolved over the years into a less rigid application, and it is not unusual to see the blending of styles. Log homes look best with natural landscaping, which is one of the most popular styles and includes l

Why Sprinklers Are The Best Irrigation Tools

Although, a lawn or a garden seem to be very pleasing yet they require a lot of hard work. In reality, seeing blooming flowers does not mean that you can sit back and relax. In ...

Five Golden Rules For Siting a Pond in Water Gardens

Choose a sunny spot, preferably sheltered from cold easterly winds. For a pond to reach its full potential in a temperate climate, for instance, it should be positioned where the sun can shine upon it for at least half the day - indeed waterlilies will only give of their best if they receive six hou

Anaerobic Composting

Anaerobic decomposition harnesses the power of anaerobic or oxygen-hating microorganisms to transform organic waste into nutrient-rich finished compost. To use this form of composting, you'll need to deprive your organic waste of a regular source of oxygen. According to Cathy Cromell, author of "Com