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How Do You Get the Last Bit of Water Out of a Big Above Ground Swimming Pool?

You can remove the last bit of water from an above ground swimming pool in a matter of minutes. Draining an above ground pool for disassembly or to replace the liner is a necessary procedure that can be done with a few household items. Creating a siphon with a hose to empty an above ground pool ofte

How to Set Up a Garden Fountain

When looking for a landscaping project that can enhance the appearance of your yard, one project to consider is installing a garden fountain. A garden fountain creates an active feature that can help to add to your garden's beauty and provide the sound of water flowing gently over rocks, which many

Maintain Your Pool With Automatic Pool Cleaners

Swimming pools are great places for the family to relax, unwind and swim together. To keep these swimming pools clean and safe for your family to use, regular maintenance is a top priority. Since most pools are left open, they easily get dirty with leaves, dust, small stone particles and so on.

Pool Pump: The Rewards of Picking Good Pool Builders

Invest on the best pool pump if you are looking to have a pool that's hassle-free to run and operate. The rewards of picking heavy duty pumps are indeed priceless and will allow you to enjoy relaxing summer days spent in your very own swimming pool.

Care of Backyard Ponds

Controlling the growth of weeds and algae is vital to maintaining a backyard pond. Weeds can suffocate other plants, such as water lilies, in your pond, killing them. And algae overgrowth is very unappealing, making the pond look more like a swamp with a layer of green gunk on its surface. Overgrowt

How to Test a Pool's PH

The water in a swimming pool is to be maintained at a certain pH level. The pH determines the acidity or alkalinity of pool water. A pH of 7 is neutral; a pH below 7 means the water is acidic; a pH above 7 characterizes the water as basic. Ideally, the pH of pool water should be between 7.2 and 7.8.

A Short Guide to Help You Buy Swimming Pool Tiles

Swimming is always fun and is enjoyed by all. If you are thinking of installing a swimming pool on your premises, you should make some serious efforts to make the swimming arena beautiful and luxurious.

Great Ideas for Outdoor Living

The relationship between your home and its outdoor surroundings is an important one. A beautiful, functional outdoor space can complement your home aesthetically and significantly boost curb appeal.

The Pressure Gauge on My Swimming Pool Is Reading Really High

Properly operating pool filters and pumps are key to easy pool maintenance. High pressure can indicate that the normal filtering process is being negatively affected by one or more causes. Typically, attention should be given to a sand filter when a pressure gauge is reading eight to 10 pounds over

Grandin Road Spider and Web Solar Tombstone

I've never been a big fan of tombstone props, maybe because I've seen so many bad ones, or perhaps because the idea is just a bit too morbid. Grandin Road's Spider and Web Solar Tombstone has more of a haunted Gothic mansion appeal to it than anything gross, gorey, ominous or depressi

How to Tie a Plumb Bob

A plumb bob is a balanced weight with a sharp point on one end and an attachment point for a cord on the other. Properly tying the knot in the cord to secure the plumb bob will ensure that the plumb bob functions correctly. Before tying the knot, it is important to understand the terminology used fo

How to Weigh Down Pool Stairs

An above-ground pool should have steps to enter or exit the pool. These stairs float at the surface of the water unless you weigh them down to keep them submerged. Some pool steps have cavities in the steps for filling with sand. Other types of steps may require the use of outside weights.

Green & Growing Concrete Wall Cover-up

With an outdoor privacy screen, you can add some much-needed privacy to your pool, hot tub or spa area. Maybe you want privacy for a small space or certain area of your yard, patio, deck or balcony. An outdoor privacy screen gives you personal space away from the view of neighbors or passers-by. Thi

How to Solve Chlorine Lock

Chlorine lock happens when the chlorine is unable to effectively oxidize and cannot properly disinfect the pool. This chlorine trapping occurs when the level of cyanuric acid in the water rises above 80 ppm. Cyanuric acid serves as stabilizer and prevents the rapid decomposition of chlorine in sunli

Pool Vacuum Cleaners Comparison Guide

Automatic pool vacuum cleaners are practically a necessity for modern pool owners. The three main types are automatic suction-side, automatic pressure-side, and robotic automatic. Which one you choose depends a lot on the shape and orientation of your pool, and on your available resources.

Can You Put Shock or Algae Cleaner in a Salt Water Pool?

Water chemistry for a salt-water filter system is designed to be easier than most other filtration types. Maintenance for the system, however, is different than for a traditional chlorine-based pool filter. A salt-water system produces its own chlorine, which is generally less harsh on people's skin

Simple Swimming Pool Maintenance

Proper chlorine delivery is essential to water clarity. There are two main methods of delivery. Understanding how to use these two methods can result in a lot less swimming pool horror stories.

Pond & Waterfall Equipment

A garden water feature will enhance a landscape or garden. Water features may include in-ground pools, above-ground pools, larger ponds, waterfalls and streams. All of these features require the proper equipment.

How to Make a Raised Pond

Raised ponds can create a lovely focal point in a garden, especially when surrounded with stacked stones and crevice plants. Raised ponds are also safer than sunken pools because visitors and small children are less likely to fall into the water. Making a raised pond is a project you can tackle in a

Greenhouse Fields

Encinitas, California, is where many of the world's top flower growers produce the most breathtaking blooms, including the poinsettias at the Paul Ecke Ranch.[p]From 1929-1966, the Ecke Ranch produced poinsettia mother plants. Since then - for more than 40 years - the 25-acre ranch's key f