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Get to Know Comedy Legend Joan Rivers

Read a biography of legendary comedian Joan Rivers, who was a pioneer for female comics and a beloved television personality and insult comic for over 50 years.

How A Head Cold Got Me Married

Now that I'm really settled down for bad or good, I can't help but reflect on my lengthy past as a happy-go-lucky single. How can I forget the many bizarre, crazy, and benighted time

Heights, Tights and LED Lights, Ruminations on Fear

My boss walks in and says to me, "I want you to write an article for Halloween this year. No giveaways, no gimmicks, just an article. You do remember what a fiasco last year was right?" I smile and nod as I always do when someone thinks I should remember all the things they find important.

Putin Reminder

A parody mocking Sarah Palin's hand notes.

Clinton Sheep

A funny picture featuring Clinton loyalists as sheep.


Muglets are silly characters customizable with photographs of your or others. Play with Muglets as dancing time killers or download to cell phones. Share with friends via free email.

Date Night for Christian Married Couples With Couples Night Out

Many relationship experts strongly believe that in order for any marriage to be successful, it is vital that you and your spouse partake in regular 'date nights' in order to keep the spark alive. Due to the demands of modern life, this can seem impossible for some couples to achieve on a r

Finally, An Accurate Description of The Daily Show

A DVR screw-up offers this description of The Daily Show: 'This uplifting and intriguing drama depicts the life of a group of intellectuals, who risk their lives by protecting the national security and military secrets.'

A Dog's View of Sports on TV

At our house, we watch a lot of sports on TV.When I was a puppy, I thought this was a big waste of a nice sunny day. After all, it meant less time available for playing outside in the yard or going to the dog park.

Funny Quotes by Funday

Here are some very funny quotes that will really entertain you and obviously make you laugh. Presented to you by Funday Blog.

Get The Edge When It Comes To Prank Calls

Knowing how to make prank call voices is vital to playing prank phone calls on your friends. First thing first pranks are supposed to be harmless however if you choose to do that don't go ...

Canvas Art Can Be More Than A Hobby

Art assumes often different shapes and sizes. One of the most popular of such art forms is canvas art. You should use fine quality canvas to get the best results.

Larry Craig Action Figure

The Larry Craig Action Figure comes complete with a wide stance and a voice recording declaring that he is not gay.