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Is Affirmative Action Reverse Discrimination?

Claims of reverse discrimination have been around for a while; however, recent events have brought it back into the forefront.With the Supreme Court's decision regarding the New Haven, CT white firefighters reverse discrimination case, the election of President Obama and the nomination of Sonia

How to Detect a Bad Regulator on a Stationary Tank

Regulators are an essential component on all types of propane tanks, including stationary ones. They do what their name implies, regulating the flow of propane from the large stationary tank into your home. Regulators are mediators that create a safe border between the high pressure propane in the t

Is America A Democracy? No, Actually

In this article, I explore the issue of whether or not America is a democracy. In the process, I define the terms 'democracy' and 'democratic republic.'

Creating Political Custom T Shirts

Do you have a political cause that you wish to promote? One way to do so is to create custom t shirts that depict this cause. You can use the profits that you get from selling these t shirts to further your cause and raise funds for the cause itself.

GOP Debate: Which Wardrobe Won

Appearance is fifty-percent of the battle. Barring the politics which candidate dressed the best and caught your eye with his entire ensemble. Do any need makeovers? Read on to get my expert opinion on how the men fared on debate night.

How to De-Emphasize Gender Differences in Society

Despite the incredible strides the human race has made as a whole, gender bias is still prevalent in most of the world today. Many societies believe that men are superior to women to some degree. While some areas, such as the Middle East, have taken this to the extreme, the U.S. is more progressive

What Is a Shadow Senator?

While the idea of a shadow senator sounds like a plot out of a Tom Clancy novel, the reality is that shadow senators are an open part of United States politics. A shadow representative is a figure who has no official political power but represents a constituency as if he did. Voters elect shadow sen

What Is the Difference Between the Silver Rule & the Golden Rule?

Some variation of the golden rule is a fundamental aspect of almost every major world religion, and the written concept itself is more than four thousand years old. The silver rule shares many similarities with the golden rule and is almost as old, although the two concepts do have some basic differ

The Start of the European Union

The European Union is commonly abbreviated as simply the EU, and is the collection of many of the countries located in what is generally considered to be the continent of Europe. The Union has been in existence since 1993, and the initiatives it has undertaken have been both political and economic.

How to Choose a Meditation Mantra

Mantras are words or phrases that you can chant, either silently or aloud, during meditation. They are wonderful tools for keeping your mind focused. Without a certain word, or mantra, to focus on during meditation, your pesky thoughts can absorb your mind and ruin your time of silent contemplation.

Fireman's Coats in the 1920s

In a nineteenth century Currier and Ives painting, "Always Ready," an American firefighter of the mid-1800s pulls a hose from a horse-drawn wagon. His uniform is similar to that of Civil War soldiers---a red wool or cotton shirt, a black handkerchief tied at the neck, thick wool trousers, knee-high

The Passion Behind the I Voted Sticker

No matter who you voted for on election day, chances are you have one thing in common with all other voters: your "I Voted" sticker. These stickers invoke an unusual amount of passion in Americans, a passion associated with their need to tell they world they completed their civic duty.

Basic Meaning of Roe Vs. Wade

In March 1970, Jane Roe filed suit against the district attorney of Dallas County, Texas, seeking a judgment against state abortion laws and an injunction restraining their enforcement. Roe's legal action led to the landmark Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion.

How to Make a Grave Pillow or Blanket

American settlers began substituting the floral displays placed on loved one's graves back home with materials at their disposal. Handmade blankets or pillows of evergreens became a common way to decorate a winter grave. Over time, these decorative coverings were lovingly placed on graves year- roun

How to Appraise Southwest Indian Jewelry

Southwest Indian tribes, such as the Hopi, Apache and Mojave tribes, have a rich history of jewelry making and silversmithing. Historical and contemporary pieces produced by these tribes can be quite valuable, based on when they were produced and how much gold and silver they contain. Getting an off

Temporary Income Tax in Illinois

When does the madness stop or is it just starting? The Illinois State Legislature is playing Obama Poker with their citizens. I have family members in Illinois that will be affected by the proposed massive tax increase passed by the state House of Tuesday, January 11, 2011.

The Effects of the Global Recession on Exploitative Labour

Labor normally is the first to suffer from any recession or depression. As of April 2011, there were 6.7 million Americans out of work, yet not only have profits soared for the larger corporations, production has also increased. This lies at the root of the relationship between exploitation and econ

US Presidents Sites - America's Three Most Forgotten Presidents

America has had 43 men hold the office of President of the United States, and many are well known by everyone from school children to senior citizens. However, as time passes, a few presidents have all but been forgotten. Let's look at America's three most forgotten presidents and the hist

Freedom, Liberty, and Other Such Nonsense

Whoa! What's with that article title? Does he really think concepts like freedom and liberty are nonsensical farces derived from the imaginations of bored men in "whigs" that existed in a pre-tweet world?