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The Samsung B3410 is Now Available in a Head-Turning Pink Colour Variant

The Samsung B3410 is a very functional handset which has proved popular since it's release in October 2009. A Pink colour variant has recently been added which is sure to increase the appeal of the handset which includes key features such as touch screen technology, QWERTY keyboard and an impre

Reverse Cell Phone - I Can Get Your Name and Address

Who has not experienced getting prank calls at night? There is an endless number of bored people who do not have anything better to do other than pissing people off by making weird calls during wee hours of the night so the number of prank calls also keeps on increasing. With the invention of caller

blackberry Curve 8520 – Overwhelming functionality

Good news for the photography lovers. You can now click cool pictures with the Blackberry Curve 8520 with its built-in 2 mega-pixel camera as well as play and download games whenever you want. It also ...

The Advantages Of Using A Cell Phone With Emergency Response System

For some, the ideal cell phone is always the expensive and the most advanced one in the market. However, when you are thinking of safety, these things are often not anymore great considerations when choosing a phone. Rather, a cell phone with emergency response system is what must be called for. If

Types of Cell Phone Chargers

Keeping your phone powered up with the right charger is important. No one wants to be stuck with a dead battery when they need to use their cell phone. So what kind of charger should ...

2G Vs 3G Mobile Phones

Most of us would be familiar with the term 2G and 3G mobile phones and that the 'G' stands for Generation. But, what exactly does this mean and where did all this start? What improvement has this made to the mobile phone we use now? Let us start with where it all started.

Iphone 4 , Iphone 5 And Ipad, Ipad 2 - What Apple Is Comprised Of

the Apple company has made few mobile phones and tablets which are rocking in the realms of mobile phones. As a lover of Apple devices I found the iphone 4 the best mobile phone of this company but i'm eagerly waiting for the fifth generation iphone 5 which will be truly remarkable.

How do I Send a Text Message to a Cell Phone Via Email Through Cingular?

In some cases, texting a friend's cell phone from yours can be the most convenient and appropriate means of communication. If your computer is more readily available at the moment than your cell phone -- or if you have managed to avoid purchasing a cell phone at all -- you may wish for an alternativ

HTC Titan: Why It Is Unlike Anything You've Ever Held Before

In looking for the perfect phone, the best choice is always the one that has it all. With its big 4.7-inch screen and an ultra-slim 9.9 mm unibody contoured design, the HTC Titan is unlike anything you've ever held before.

A Look Around The Opera Web Browser On The HTC Sensation

The Opera web browser together with the HTC Sensation is a really perfect match. In terms of user friendliness the new system now incorporates buttons that enable you to jump directly to the top or the bottom of the page which is a much more simple method than continually swiping your finger upwards

How to Disable Sprint Phone Service Online

Switching your phone to a different provider allows you to take advantage of the new provider's rate plans and various features that may not be available on your current provider. For example, you may wish to use a provider that operates phones on the GSM network, whereas Sprint uses a CDMA network.

How to Port a Home Phone Number to a Mobile

If you are switching your land line to a mobile phone, it would be convenient to keep your old phone number so that you don't have to inform friends, relatives and businesses about your new number. In 2002, the Federal Communications Commission's Wireless Local Number Portability (LNP) act came into

Spy Software For Cell Phones - The Basic Idea

One of the ways you can spy on a mobile phone is to use a spy software for cell phones. Those kinds of software are installed on the cell phone, that you want to spy on, and remain undetected. They can track all the messages, even if they are deleted, all incoming calls, and even the location of the

I Need to Do a Phone Trace Online - Any Suggestions?

If you need to find someone online while knowing only their phone number, then you need to find a website that provides reverse search capabilities.How do you find one of these sites and how do you evaluate which of the numerous sites to use?This article will answer both of these questions.

How to Send a SMS to a Cell Phone in Canada

Short Message Service (SMS) technology enables text messages to be sent to handheld devices and phones around the world. It has become a widely used form of communications with a majority of mobile phones incorporating an SMS feature. An SMS can be sent to a cell phone in Canada either from a cell p

The Nokia X3 Is An Ideal Handset For Music Lovers

The Nokia X3 is an attractive slider phone with an array of useful functionality. It's key features include internet access, a digital camera with video, and a versatile media player for music and video files. ...