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Probiotics - What You Should Know About Probiotics

The probiotics term was mentioned a lot lately in health news. What is the fuss all about? Learn more about the health benefits of probiotics in this simple and comprehensive article.

You Can Lose Weight, Even With an Underactive Thyroid

There is no secret to lose weight, but the cause of your inability to effectively lose fat could be due to an underactive thyroid. Would you like to get rid of pale skin, and slim down to fit in your

Good and Bad Foods for Stomach Ulcers

Not all foods are good for the stomach. When the stomach is suffering from ulcers, it is but wise to know what are good and bad foods for stomach ulcers.

Long-Term Effects of Family Dinner

Every family seems to be busy, busy these days. Between work, after school activities, and running errands it's sometimes hard to find time for anything, including family dinners. But it's time we make it a ...

Staying Healthy by Using Natural Remedies and Avoiding Problematic Foods

No aisle is more popular at the grocery store than the pharmacy aisle because that is where you head first when you get sick. For most of us, heading to the pharmacy for an over the counter antihistamine or decongestant when we feel sick is a habit. What if you could break the habit? This article de

Lycopene Capsules - Some Crucial Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C and lycopene. And what's more, lycopene is the most potent antioxidant of any common carotenoid. Consuming tomatoes therefore helps to balance out free radicals that we are exposed to...

Do You Know Your Nutrition Facts? A Psychology Self Help Test

Knowing the nutrition facts can be beneficial to us. It determines the health conditions and risk factors. For example, when it comes to nutrition and their corresponding value, glucose should be kept in healthy levels; however, when the person is at higher risks for contracting diabetes, glucose le

Do You Want to Die

Hey what you eating Man, is it good for you,is it healthy, or does it say on the front of the Packet its for you, and will make you healthy, Do you believe all those ...

The Benefits of Beef for the Human Body

Many people like to eat beef in everyday life, as beef has good taste and abundant nutrients. Beef can provide various benefits for the human body. First, beef contains high content of sarcosine. Sarcosine plays ...

Teach a Man to Fish, and He May Have Fewer Health Risks!

The amount of "farm-raised" fish are growing rapidly. Right now almost TWICE as many fish are farmed than are caught in the wild! Farmed fish not only hurt our health but the health of eco-systems everywhere. Due to the unnatural way the fish are raised they carry traits such as higher amo

Guide To A Healthy Gestational Diabetes Diet

Gestational diabetes is a special kind of diabetes developed by 2-5% of moms-to-be. Unless the blood glucose level is extremely high, doctors generally would not advise the use of medication. With a proper gestational diabetes ...

Checklist - 7 Steps to Stop Sugar Cravings

Everyone has a craving at one time or another for some type of food. While having a craving is not a bad thing, in and of itself, what it leads to can cause stress and strain on the body that leads to disease and illness. One such craving is that for sugar.

Personal Reasons To Go Vegan

People usually have no reason to disregard an idea if there are important benefits that can affect them personally. Making the best decisions will be important especially if you are faced with options

Ways to Eat Healthily

It is a universally accepted fact that if you wish to maintain robust health, you must eat only healthy food. Eating healthy food does not necessarily mean you should be on a permanent diet program. On the contrary, healthy eating simply means eating the right kind of food, in right quantities and a