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What Are the Social Security Benefits for a Retired City Worker With a Pension?

Social Security impacts most all Americans. From the time you start earning wages until the day of your retirement, you generally pay into the government-run retirement plan or receive benefits from your work record. The Social Security Administration bases your benefit on your income record. To rec

Will Being a Statutory Employee Stop Texas Unemployment Benefits?

In Texas, as in other states, it is possible to work part time during the week and still collect unemployment benefits. For a statutory employee in Texas, the qualifications for continuing to receive benefits also includes commission. As a statutory employee, you have specific responsibilities to me

Scholarships Available for Sociology Majors

Sociology majors can seek scholarships from four particular sources, colleges and universities, federal and state governments, scholarship award and grant making foundations and sociological societies. Unlike fields such as science, math or business, limited resource exist for sociology societies be

How EMIs Are Calculated

In lending, an equated monthly installment (EMI) is the term for the monthly payment a borrower makes to a lender to pay off both interest and principal so that, over a specified number of years, represented as n, the loan is paid off in full. The underlying math is the same, but it can be found us

The Formula for Calculating Simple Interest and Compound Interest

Both simple and compound interest are used by financial institutions for advertising their products. Simple interest is usually expressed as annual percentage rate, while compound interest is expressed as annual percentage yield. While simple interest is the amount of interest accrued during one pay

Highest Salary for Physical Therapists

Physical therapists are health care workers who treat patients with conditions that limit their ability to move or perform activities. These workers are found in hospitals, health clinics and private medical offices. Physical therapists' earnings differ based on a variety of factors.

About Freezing of Bank Accounts During a Divorce

Due to the mad scramble over assets that sometimes occurs when a couple initially separates, some parties seek restraining orders in an effort to prevent the other side from ransacking a bank, credit union or other financial account. While family courts have the power to restrain either party or bot

The Benefits a Futures Trading Account can Provide

You may hear from other people that have been in the trading business that creating a futures trading account can be a very good move when it comes to earning great profits. Futures are financial ...

IRA Traditional Withdrawal Age

Planning for retirement means knowing what income streams are available at what age. A traditional IRA saves money in a tax-deferred structure to supplement other federal and private retirement income streams. Age 59 1/2 is the normal distribution age defined by the IRS. Access to IRA funds is alway

Grants for Mortgages

Grants are available to help families achieve the American dream of home ownership.small house, big house image by Nino Pavisic from Fotolia.comOwning a home is an American dream that many people find to be just out of reach, when faced with the challenge of coming up with a large down...

Florida BSN Nursing School Requirements

Students looking to earn a bachelor of science in nursing in Florida have plenty of options. The state boasts 19 nursing schools that are accredited by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. Although specific BSN requirements vary by school, nursing students in the state can expect to take

Net Insurance Loss Ratio

Ratios are often associated with high school math class and can seem irrelevant in daily life. However, financial ratios can tell you a lot about a company's financial success. Insurance companies are unique in the world of financial reporting. If you are considering an investment in an insurance co

Get The Most Out Of Budgeting Software

Do you consider yourself as financially savvy? Are you someone who knows all the ins and outs of your statements both in credit cards and banks? Do you have a mountain of receipts stock up ...

SSI Disability Benefits for California

Prior to 1974, individual states and counties administered neediness programs for U.S. residents who are disabled, blind or age 65 and older. Effective Jan. 1, 1974 the Social Security Administration assumed responsibility for these eligibility categories with the creation of the Supplemental Securi

How to Get Public Records Off a Credit Report

The use of credit is part of American society. Consumers use credit to obtain credit cards, automobile loans and mortgages. The information in your credit report determines your credit score, so it's important to correct any errors. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) limits the length of time a ne

What Can Cause Someone's Credit Report to Be Blocked or Frozen?

A credit freeze, also known as a credit block or security freeze, happens when someone tells a credit reporting agency to stop releasing information about his credit report. Only consumers can order a credit freeze, and only on their own credit reports. Credit freeze laws differ between states, so t

The Best Way to Mail a Letter to Credit Bureaus

If you have issues that need to be addressed with a credit-reporting agency, you may be able to contact the credit bureau for resolution in several ways. Some of the services that a credit-reporting agency handles include allowing you to opt out of pre-approved offers for credit and insurance produc