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Bird Cage Hygiene is Important

When a bird lives in the wild in accordance with the natural laws, nature takes care of its hygiene. When it comes to live in a bird cage, the onus is upon the bird owner to follow the rules of hygiene in the bird cage to ensure that the bird remains healthy.

Audubon's Aviary

Review of “Audubon's Aviary” (2012), an outstanding artistic work that showcases the work of John James Audubon like it has never been seen before.

How to Make a Chicken or Pet Watering System

Many people enjoy having their own chickens to produce eggs, create a rhythmic barnyard atmosphere and generate a form of organic pest control. Automatic watering systems are necessary because clean water makes the chicken and egg healthier. Drip systems are unreliable because they become clogged ea

How to Get Gold Stars in "Angry Birds"

"Angry Birds" is a puzzle-action game developed for the iPhone by Rovio. In "Angry Birds," players are tasked with destroying castles constructed by egg-stealing pigs. To accomplish this task, players catapult angry birds at the pig-controlled castles, which cause damage and destruction on impact. A

How to Disinfect the Bird Cage

Before setting the bird into its "lodging" you should do something else. Never the less that the bird cage is new, and the perches are ecologically clean, they should be disinfected carefully. I call this operation "carbonation", because as a "disinfectant" gas for burn

Training Lovebirds - 3 Reasons to Train a Lovebird

This article will discuss training lovebirds and 3 reasons you should start. There are many different types of training, some can be for behavioral issues and others can just be for fun.

How to Pick a Quaker Parakeet

Quaker parrots are one of the most popular pet parrots in the United States due to their temperate, beauty and relative ease to care for. However, due to this huge demand for quaker parrots, 'mill' parrot breeding factories have developed -- giving pet owners a hard and difficult time to find a qual

Toys for Medium to Large Parrots

Selecting stimulating and safe toys for your pet parrot is a vital part of parrot care. There are many types of bird toys available on the market some of which can be dangerous, so this article explains some of these potential hazards and suggests which types of parrots toys you should buy.

Cockatiel Bird Facts

Cockatiels are birds that hail from the scrub lands and forests of the Australian outback. Their friendly personalities and various bright colors have made them popular pets. Male and female cockatiels have different characteristics and can make valuable additions to the home.