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How to Clean Calcium Off of a Glass Aquarium Tank

Calcium deposits on aquarium glass appear as little spots of white residue, typically along the top of the aquarium near the waterline. This residue is caused by hard water that's full of excess minerals. As the water evaporates in the tank, the minerals in the water, including calcium, adhere to th

Fish Tank Stands - How Heavy is Your Aquarium?

Although many of the BiOrb tanks are manufactured to be placed directly on your existing furniture, it is often a good idea to consider the total weight of your fish tank prior to purchase. Aquariums filled with water, decorations and fish are quite simply, heavy. However, not all furniture is built

Fish Health & Diseases

Fish are susceptible to a number of common image by cherie from Fotolia.comKeeping fish is an excellent hobby, yet even enthusiasts are likely to find that one or more of their fish has fallen ill. There are many common aquarium fish ailments, most of which are common to...

Substrate in Coral Reefs

"Substrate" is simply a fancy word for what you put on the bottom of your aquarium. For most reef aquarists, live sand is the substrate of choice, but crushed coral or gravel may be used with or instead of live sand, or the aquarist may opt to build a plenum beneath the substrate. Some aquarists eve

Helpful Tips About Fish Aquariums

Aquariums house pet fish.Aquarium image by crossgolfing from Fotolia.comAquariums are utilized in all types of settings to house pet fish of different types. Aquariums are made up of a glass structure, which is supported by a stable aquarium stand. They can house multiple fish, depending...