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Experience the Beauty of Window Light Portraiture

In taking portraitures, it is essential that the photographer knows how to take advantage of a light source. With proper lighting, taking close-up shots of the face can be easily transformed from being plain photos ...

The Convenience of Using a Photo Hosting Website

People used to have a hard time sharing as well as printing their images online. They go through a lot of processes and face a number of restrictions especially when they attach image files as most sites have restrictions in size and number of files. Some sites also take too long to upload and attac

The Perfect Camera For the Amateur Photographer?

Most people today will own a digital camera, even people who don't really have much of an interest in photography. However, there is a massive range of cameras currently on the market and the compact camera that you might use for taking snaps on a night out is quite different to the high qualit

Ultimate DSLR Buying Guide

The world of photography can sometimes be a complicated one. Jargon gets thrown around and sometimes it's the user who suffers, for this reason today I'm going to write an article just for you explaining exactly what you need to look out for when purchasing a DSLR camera. Megapixels Megapi

Which Camera is the Top Rated Compact Digital Camera?

Have you been looking for a digital camera? There are just so many to choose from. Have you been wondering which one is the best? And do you want to know which camera is the top rated digital camera?Me too. That's why I went on a search to find which camera is actually THE absolute best.

Digital SLR Camera Lenses

Understanding how to use the lens is fundamental if you want to get the best out of your dSLR camera and take breathtaking photographs. Combined with the aperture and shutter speed the lens is one of the key components on the camera. As the focal length of the camera increases, the subject will appe

Taking a Look at the Wedding Photography Profession

Wedding photography has by far become one of the hottest jobs on the market today. This is a special and unique occupation that allows a person to show off their artistic side. By carefully watching the events that unfold at a wedding, a photographer can capture the most special of times for a new b


Photography is the best way to capture the memories. The most alternate way to preserve your identity. History has the proof of such kind of art. The blooming contribution was given by the country of ...

How to Develop Photo Paper

After your film has been developed, it's time to make a photo print. Digital photography allows you to easily do this on your home computer. Printing from a negative is a different process and requires a darkroom, photo paper and the chemicals needed to process the photo. Printing a photo correctly

10 Tips For Taking Good City Photographs

A really good city photograph not only shows off the majestic buildings in the heart of the city centre, but should also showcase some of the more enthralling aspects and delights that day to day city life has to offer. During the morning cities can look peaceful and calm, whilst during the evening

Photography Software Tips

We all like taking photos, but we usually never take the time to fix our photos after they are already taken. It could be a real shame since with just a few adjustments we can turn a so so picture into a real winner. If you're worried about price or lack of experience you need not.

The Best Photo Management For Those Without a Budget

If you're running low on money but would really like to have the best photo management tools available to you, there is good news!! Some of the best photo management tools are available for free, so check it out!

How to Adjust Color Images With iPhoto

iPhoto is an image editing and management application that is part of the iLife Suite of products included with the Apple OS-X operating system. Although it is an application targeted at novices, it does contain some color editing tools allowing the user to correct for color exposure and temperature

Photo Canvas Prints Go Social!

Printing photos onto canvas has been around for some time now. It is a fabulous way to give those special photos the wow factor, maximising their impact on a room. With modern printers and modern cameras, large formats are easily achievable, as well as sizes often exceeding a metre in length. The va

The Snappiest Snaps - The Top Digital Camera Rates Below $250 Will Fetch You

The interest I have for all things photographic doesn't necessarily lead to a wonderful eye for best artistic photography. However, I absolutely love cameras, and throughout the last decade that digicams have been gaining in popularity, you can bet that I have been viewing, and recording every