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A Simple Self Hypnosis Technique to Powerfully Transform Your Mind

Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation, albeit a degree deeper than one would normally experience but essentially we all go into trance like states each and every day. Daydreaming is a fair example of a trance type experience. Whenever you find yourself engrossed and slightly unaware of the thing

This Week on Blog Radio, We are Excited to Announce

On the Show Focus Change and the non-physical/spiritual side on Tuesday at 8:00pm eastern our very special Guest is Dr Joyce Wolford, President of Crossland Christian University. Dr Joyce Wolford hold

How to Manifest Anything You Want - The Science of Being

These days there is a lot of talk about how to manifest anything you want. Many people from various walks of life are saying that we ourselves have the power to create anything we want in our lives. Perhaps we are like God, in that we have the power to create our world and the worlds around us. Now

Mastering Mindsets for Optimal Living

I suppose one would have to ask what optimal living is. One definition that resonates for me was inspired by A Course in Miracles. This suggests that unless the will is totally free, completely unbound we are not living optimally.

Stop Daydreaming and Start Enjoying!

If we want to play starring roles in our own lives, it is essential to treat ourselves as well as, if not better, than we might treat a special guest.Our actions toward ourselves say a great deal about the value we place on our own needs, wants, and desires.We need to stop expecting others to treat

Affirmations Can Help You Make Rapid Changes in Your Life

Every time you repeat certain things over and over those thoughts become implanted in the deeper parts of your mind where which govern the way your life will move. In order to create rapid changes you have to alter the old scrip that is playing out in your mind.

Unlock Your True Potential for Making Money!

Since childhood we've been implanted with all kinds of negative beliefs regarding money. ''money is the root of all evil'' etc. Now we can apply a simple technique to get rid of them and let the stream of money float in more easily.

How to Hypnotize People - It's Not All About Pocket Watches and Hocus Pocus

Learning how to hypnotize people is not always about taking control over the individual's subconscious mind. Hypnosis has proven to be an efficient way to help people overcome various habits and ailments. If you are interested in learning how to hypnotize people so that you can help them, then

Taking Advantage Of Speed Reading Training

With each new advance in technology there has also been a burgeoning of fresh information which in turn requires that people remain abreast of all this pile of information and also understand what is going ...

Run-Of-The-Mill Drips For Adults

Individuals usually feel that they have to get away from their city to experience some leisure and decrease their fear levels. You will certainly be impressed at precisely how much delightful your very own city ...

Poetry Within the Heart

To feel compassion and love for another person, To feel the song in their heart. To see the compassion and love for another person, To see the song in another persons heart.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - Addiction Treatment

Cognitive behavioral therapy addiction treatment or CBT, is a psychotherapeutic approach (a.k.a. "talking therapy") to substance addiction treatment and recovery as well as a number of other mental disorders. It is a systematic procedure that is goal-oriented and solves problems associated

Stress, Neurosis and the Absurd Modern Civilization

We work harder than we should, always in a hurry, trying to do many things at the same time, always worried about paying our bills, selling our products, answering messages, going to various places, avoiding our enemies, overcoming our problems, hiding our fears and real feelings, and thinking about

Control Your Life - It Is Yours By The Way

If your life is feeling out of control and you begin to wonder if you even have any say at all in what you do, it could be because you are not really living your ...

How To Make Decisions Like Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill led Great Britain triumphantly through some of the darkest years the world has ever seen - World War II. Like many wartime leaders, Churchill had to make a lot of difficult decisions, there was no way around it. Learn how to make decisions like Winston Churchill in this article

Helping You Memorize With Mnemonics

Forgot something lately? You probably want to rev up on your memorization approach. There are a lot of memorization methods available today and all you have to do is just choose what you think suits you best. Consider trying more than one memorization technique on your pursuit to improving and enhan

Motivate Yourself by Encouraging Your Friends

Encouraging our friends in the realization of their dreams and goals is a great gift we can offer them. This article explains in a few words just how we can do that and empower ourselves at the same time.