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How to Hire a Babysitter on Craigslist

Are you a parent looking for a babysitter?Whether you need a full-time babysitter or one on demand, the internet is a valuable research tool, as is

Craigslist Business Opportunities

The internet today has become one of the most popular platforms in the world for those who want to start their own business or simply get employed online. People who have regular businesses too are making very good use of the internet and the opportunities that it provides for them.

Cyberbullying and Social Networks Considered by Online Think Tank

Recently there was a study done by some psychologists and sociology professors at one of the top universities and they noted that cyber bullying was a severe problem that was causing emotional hardships for the people who participated in forums, chat rooms and blogs. They further noted that many peo

Social Media Addiction

This article explains the results from a study done by Retrevo on how addicted people are to being connected to social media. Are you connected to the net 24 hours a day? Think about where you get your news from. Are you using Facebook while getting married or lying in bed? Read the article and dete

Online Job Tips: How To Write Effectively Online

The first thing that initially come to mind when one says "Work" are an office and 8 hours of hard labor. These days, however, it has now been made simpler by technology's rapid evolution. But no matter how convenient it has become, Filipinos still struggle to find the perfect job.

How to Get Twitter Followers - What Are the Steps?

There are some very effective steps in getting more followers on Twitter. In this article you will get a complete overview that enables you to ensure you get maximum exposure with a minimum of effort.

Five Reasons That Small Business Owners Should Use Facebook

Facebook has over 500 million active users. And 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day. Follow that statistic with the fact that 47% of social media site users say these sites influence their decision to purchase specific brands or services, and you'll likely be ready to jump o

MarketMeTweet - Review of a Power Twitter Tool

The lightning fast growth of Twitter has injected the birth of numerous different Twitter tools. MarketMeTweet is one of the latest and in this article I am going to discuss what I think about the software. You will find the three main reasons why I like the application and also something that could

Social Media Tools For Marketing

The absolutely most effective social media tools for marketing are Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and MySpace. How should a marketer go about using these tools? It may seem obvious, but a marketer must connect with very many people to be effective. Notice I said "people", not companies or pro

10 Best Practices for Promoting Your Facebook Fan Page

Even though Facebook has experienced phenomenal success, there are still many who don't believe it is a good fit for their business because of their industry. However, Facebook provides a huge opportunity for ALL companies to cultivate their community of fans. With that said, it's critical

Blog Marketing Training Through Twitter

There are many ways to use the oh-so-popular micro-blog known as Twitter. You can now utilize this website and use it as a blog marketing training tool to increase your sales. If you do not understand the power of social media networking, this might sound a bit crazy for you. Many businesses use thi

What Should Dentists Pin On Pinterest?

Pinterest is a rising star in the social media world. Pinterest acts as a virtual "pinboard" for inspiration, ideas, how-to instructions, and more. It drives more traffic to websites than both Facebook and Twitter, because the visual component entices readers to click.

3 Reasons You May Get Kicked Off of Facebook

Most people don't need to worry about getting banned or having their accounts revoked by Facebook. But a few seemingly innocent actions can put your account in jeopardy because they violate the Facebook terms of use. The list is long, but here are some of the most important ones.

Piggy Back Promotion for Small Business Through Social Media Marketing

By now most have heard of the brainchild of American Express OPEN, "Small Business Saturday." Sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it was meant to draw attention to small businesses throughout the U.S., help stimulate the economy and create jobs. I soon discovered it was much

Simplistic Social Media

Whether we like to admit it or not, social media is now a major part of our lives. From our homes, phones, businesses, educational systems and now health and not for profit sectors, we simply cannot escape the power of this major communicative tool. Social media is like the glue that holds the onlin

Social Media Marketing Success - Pulling it Together and Getting Started

Is it really just a case of signing up for as many social networking feeds and systems as possible, and then sending out your information to as many as possible? Well, no. It's all too easy to focus on what we want, and think that the louder we shout, the more we will be heard. In this article

Five Ways to Discover You Are Addicted to Facebook

Addiction to the internet is rising according to many of our Governments, as we become an internet dependent Generation.Employers claim billions are now being lost because we prefer to see what our buddies are doing on Facebook, rather then focus on our work. What are the five signs showing you are