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Social Media - Beneficial Or Otherwise?

According to a UK survey, approximately 57% of workers who has access to internet and virtual societies, spend their 40 minutes, being the least, for reading and updating their current status posted in their Facebook or Twitter account as well as other social media networking sites they have account

Honduras in the Cross Hairs

Is Central America falling to the left leaning socialist control of ALBA and Hugo Chavez? Will Honduras be able to keep their democracy or will it become a socialist run dictatorship, as the leader proclaims himself the lifetime ruler? This is a common theme amongst dictators, and one of the ways th

Don't Become a Victim of Small Business Internet Crime

Every now and then you stumble across something on the internet whilst surfing that takes your breath away. No I don't mean illegal or suspicious content but one of those sites that has committed a business marketing crime by publishing a "sorry" looking web site.I can't mention

Alternative Power as well as its Features

Nowadays, our natural resources are becoming limited and worst they might be all used up even before Mother Nature could reproduce. Alternative Energy is the best solution to this crisis and the good

Drinking and Driving Don't Mix

How many drinks does it take to take the life of someone else? Just one. In a society that downplays the seriousness behind drinking alcohol, we need to take it upon ourselves to know our limits and to be smart when we go out and drink alcohol.

Why Men Are The Way They Are - 3 Keys To Understanding Men

Have you ever wondered why men are the way they are? Men and women truly are different. They express emotions differently. They talk and communicate in different ways. They have different needs and wants in a relationship.

Say No to Fur- Stand for Animal Welfare

According to the research made in the U.S, more than 50 million animals are violently killed or are tortured for the fur every year. If you are against the cruel act you must know that even purchasing

The Amazon - The Honest Record

This ancient old woodland covers around two million acres of ground right across the continent and is divided by Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and five other countries. Underneath, we are going to

Arundhati Rai and Her Opinion on Kashmir

The veteran writer Kushwant Singh in his column commented that perhaps the lady was not aware, as to what she was referring as Kashmir has 3 distinct parts and it is only in one part that an insurrect

10 Guidelines To Choose Roman Blinds

Roman blinds - blinds, tight on the window and covering only part of it. This could be incredibly practical, since the sill continues to be open and it may also be employed for decorative purposes. Make roman blinds is a snap. About the production method requires no greater than three or more hrs.

Various Benefits of Reading News Online

There are a number of links on these portals and readers can easily refer to additional information related to any news item by clicking the suitable links on the same site.

How Is Flood Handled During The Past And Nowadays

Flood control is historic. It actually showed up in a few biblical tales, like of Noah plus the flood as explained under the book of Genesis. Past plus present time is almost equivalent in terms of th

Busted! Cameras and Microphones in the Workplace

It's only a matter of time. When it comes to the workplace, and I'm really ashamed to say this, profits matter more than people. Quality control is, of course, an essential part of profit making, so monitoring workers with cameras and microphones only makes sense. Well, it doesn't mak

Classification of Materials

All the materials used in the field of engineering can be classified to several main classes, which are ceramics, metals, polymers, semiconductors and composites. These classes can be further broken into various sub-groups, each with different applications. Every object we come across belongs to one

Are We Really All That Different?

My sister just received the results of her DNA genealogical test. She is 60 percent African, 30 percent European and 9 percent Asian (Japanese & Chinese). The first two percentages are not surprising because most, if not all, Black people in America, due to miscegenation practiced during slavery, wi