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What is The Sikhism Song of Bliss?

What is the song of bliss? When is it sung? Find definition and example from scripture describing the strains of melodious ecstasies of the inner mind.

Can Christians Be Cursed?

The curse of God can fall on a person when he disobeys God's commandment. Curses can passed down up to the third or fourth generation on a person if the ancestor sins against God.

You Can't Have Excellent Song With no Percussion

Percussion instruments are incredibly old and have very a history. Frequently employed in folk music, these instruments add variety and a rural charm to music. In India as an example, two pieces of fl

Is Anxiety for the Christian Always a Bad Thing?

We are all afraid of something, but a Christian is not supposed to have anxiety, right? "Be anxious for nothing..." On the other hand, Christians are supposed to fear God. How can that be? Here ...

Great Awakening The Bay Of The Holy Spirit Revival

The arm of the Lord has stretched forth once again in America for the 3rd Great Awakening.His all consuming Fire of Love is being manifested nightly with Miracles,Signs,Wonders as He stretches forth H

What Is the Meaning of Life?

Thorough the history of humankind, we as creatures have sought to find a way to live out this incredibly short existence all of us experience as "our lives" in a peaceful and tranquil manner. Yet ...

Western VBS Ideas

VBS is an event that many kids look forward to in the summer, an exciting time where children gather to learn about God in a fun and creative way. Many themes and approaches can be used in VBS curriculums. Choosing a western theme is an ideal way to incorporate fun elements in the crafts,...

Let Self Go!

God can do anything. Anywhere. He could control our every move and thought.But God chooses toto give each one of us a free will. It is God's way of relinquishing His control over us.Then he gives us another even greater gift: He makes a way for Christ to live in us.(Gal. 2:20). It is mind-boggl

How to Differentiate Between Consideration & Courtesy

While most people probably would like to be known as both considerate and courteous, not many can actually describe the difference between these two things. Consideration and courtesy are similar; they both often involve acting in another person's best interest. Impress your friends with your gentee

The Tarot Card of Love and Its Revelations

Almost everyone has uncertainties whether our romantic relationship function, if your companion does not take significantly the actual dedication or perhaps be a great husband. To get away from these questions there is Tarot card ...

Does God Conduct Experiments?

God knows the end from the beginning so why are many called (for salvation) but few chosen - as in evolutionary theory? God tried numerous experiments with the Jews but they all ended in failure. The Christian experiment is equally unspectacular in the morality area. If God experimented in the spiri

Kabbalah and the Names of God

In the Kabbalistic thought, the divine name of God in Hebrew is written in four Hebrew characters YHVH. This name represents the concept of Midat HaRachamim ( God's Attributes of Mercy). In contrast, the more ...

Why Should Atheists Care About Secularism?

There is nothing about atheism which requires caring about secularism. In practice, though, atheists' ability to dissent from dominant cultural expressions of religion, to critique religion, and to not be forced into supporting, expressing, or helping religious beliefs or institutions are best