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Do Marine GPS Systems Work?

Do marine GPS systems really work? We sure hope so! After all, being stranded in the middle of Nowheresville USA is still preferable to being lost out at sea. When you are lost out at sea, you are on borrowed time. Food and water is limited and so is battery power. This is why a marine GPS system is

Bunker in to Win Paintball Games

The enemy is encroaching. There is ammunition whizzing by overhead. You can hear your heartbeat in your ears. Your team has been forced to divide and you find yourself alone and outnumbered. The only thing that you have on your side is a vantage point to hide behind and assess the situation.

Ben Fereira and Ethan Crowe

Sharon, Mark, and Ethan Crowe are an ice skating family. This photo album shows some of their figure skating memories.


In business accounting terms, amortization is the deduction of a capital expense over a period of time. In an NBA context, amortization is how the price paid for a team is reflected in that team's balance sheets.

Reality Paintball Guns Are Epic!

As scenario paintball has grown, so has the need for heavy artillery. When thousands mass in pitched battles, a handful of enterprising souls ask themselves, "How can we bring mass destruction to the opposition." For ...

The Rise & Fall Of ECW

Although it officially still exists today, thanks to its resurrection by WWE, the original ECW died when owner Paul Heyman was left with no choice but to file for bankruptcy in April 2001.When it all began, Heyman said he saw the company as the professional wrestling equivalent to the grunge movemen

4 Tips For Stronger Cheerleading

These days cheerleading can be considered a sport where competitions pit teams against each other. The individual cheerleaders today are more physically fit than in the past because they are doing stunts that have them flying higher and in need of a stronger base. Below are some exercises that can h

Sports Apparel - Pick Your Team and Show Your Colors!

People from Carolina to Los Angeles and everywhere in between are buying hats, jerseys, tee shirts and even sports related accessories. It seems everyone has a favorite team that they want to support. It doesn't even necessarily have to be their local team!

Locating the Top Golf Tips For Beginners Available Online

The internet is absolutely stacked with top golf tips for beginners, but the hard part is finding them.There is much conflicting knowledge and information on the subject and it's close to impossible to tell which websites have reliable info and which websites have worthless info.Here's how

1990 NFL Draft Results

About Football lists the results of all 12 rounds of the 1990 NFL Draft.

Improve Your Golf Swing With These Tips

Golfers of all skill levels, from new players to professionals, are always working to improve their golf swing. What makes a perfect golf swing? It is quite possible no one really knows since players are always working on their swing. The process you take to improve will have an immense impact on yo

Bags for Gym

When you look in a mirror and realise you haven't done any exercise for years and decide that it's time for a change, what are the steps you take? If you're like me you thought ...

Bloch Jazz Shoes Are Exceptional

Bloch is a very established dance wear company that has been manufacturing dance shoes for nearly eighty years. The company was founded by Jacob Bloch who began making shoes by hand in his workshop after emigrating from Europe. He began my making high quality pointe shoes but over the years the comp

Navigation Naturally!

Modern navigation relies on information from satellites - GPS. Thanks to modern technology, voyages can be planned in advance with the aid of electronic charting software. This allows sailors to lay out a course, determine cruising times and work out fuel levels. But there are other ways to navigate

Playing Doubles and Loving It

Some truly love the doubles game. Maybe it's the constant net play, the kibitzing during match play, or maybe it's the unique challenge of trying to work “as one” with a partner.

Good Horse Racing Bets and Money Making Angles

The best horse racing bets are the ones that cost the least and make the most money. Many people don't realize that most of the money that is won at the races is actually won by people with some kind of inside information. Syndicates own horses and quietly back their own horses when the trainer