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Tax-Free Bonds & Bond Funds

Municipal bonds offer investors income that is tax-free, exempt from federal income tax.Municipal bond funds are the easiest way to invest in them, and not pay income taxes on the dividends generated from these bonds.Consider three factors before you invest.

Elementary School Fundraisers

Elementary School Fundraisers Organizing and involving the elementary school for fundraising purposes can be beneficial if the whole event is well planned and executed. The enthusiasm and zeal of the elementary school kids is the major contributory factor. The involvement of the teachers and the par

Comparing Online Stock Market Trading Sites

The growing number of participants in the stock market has brought a large demand for online stock broker sites. Choosing the right one is very important, as online trading sites are the trader's gateway to the markets.

How to Raise Money for a FOREX Trading Fund

Starting a Forex fund can provide you with a way to come up with the money necessary to make large profits in the foreign exchange market. This market has a vast amount of potential and by raising a large amount of money, you can amplify your profits. The process of starting a Forex fund will requir

The Uptrend Pharma Sector

Downtrend is ruling the roost in the Indian stock market amid volatility. As of August 27 statistics, sensex plunged 62.23 points or 0.35 percent at 17,720.98 and nifty fell by 20.15 points or 0.37 percent ...

How to Calculate Tax Exemptions in Wisconsin

The state of Wisconsin, like all other U.S. state governments, operates and collects state taxes annually on earned income from its citizens and provides tax exemptions for individuals. These exemptions range from standard to unique exemptions, again consistent with other states and the federal gove

Managing Volatility With Options

Last week we discussed the growing volatility in many of the best trending markets of the year. We noted that the uptick in volatility had to do with three primary sources. China's attempt to cap inflation and put the breaks on their over heating economy, Irish bank solvency issues and the nerv

Five Tips For Hosting Successful Fundraising Events

Planning and holding a fundraiser may involve additional costs for charitable institutions, but hosting these events is actually necessary to increase awareness about particular issues in society and also to gather support to address these. Fundraising events can take many forms: they can be deluxe

Finding Investments With the Best Returns

The stock market is going to be the first place that you want to look when it comes to finding investments with the best returns. Of course, this all depends on the actual stock that you are looking to get involved with.

Share Option Trading Risks

When many investors hear the word 'options,' visions of monumental risks cause them to shrink back in fear. It is true that options, if used without prudence, offer a tremendous amount of risk. However, options can also be used to reduce risk and create investor income. Like a kitchen knife, options

Why Should You Start Doing Stock Research?

Stock Market is the junction where buyers and sellers meet. It is a prerequisite for a new investor to have basic information and understanding of how the market works, which is an analysis of stock research and reviews from the experts.

Fund Raising With Corporations

I had the opportunity today to not only watch and learn, but to also participate in, how businesses can join forces with charities in such a way so as to benefit both. Several associates of mine joined me in this endeavor as we helped bring in charitable donations for the purpose of benefiting a nur

What Is a Warrant Finance?

A warrant is a term used in finance representing a security allowing the holder to purchase stock at a certain price higher than the stock's issue price. A holder is not required to use the warrant but will if a quick profit can be made.

When Buying Stocks, Understand Price Changes

For anyone interested in buying stocks, the fluctuation the market caused by rising and falling stock prices can seem confusing and incredibly daunting. For any buyer to become a rational investor, however, a proper understanding of the reasons why stock prices fluctuate is essential. The simple law

AMEX - The Third Stock Exchange

American Stock Exchange directors Alan Quasha, Philip Frost and others hit on an investment option that the individual investor should consider: The Exchange-Traded Fund that combines the best of two worlds. The flurry of activity following the introduction of the SPDR gave rise to many ETFs, many o

Types of Stock Trading

The following is some basic information to help you get started with the help of a brokerage firm: Many online brokers have a fixed or almost fixed commission schedule. This means that you will pay a fixed price regardless of the amount of shares that you buy or sell.