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How to Tie a Sulfur Dun

The sulfur dun fly is an attractive lure that makes an enticing target for the fish you're after. Looking like a small yellow fish, the sulfur dun fly is fairly easy to assemble, with only a few materials and steps.

Tuna Fishing in Portugal

Fishing is a major economic activity in Portugal. According to an article in USA Today, the Portuguese eat more fish than anyone else in Europe. Besides commercial fishing, Portugal also offers competitive and recreational big game fishing.

New Driftwood in Aquarium Precautions

Driftwood adds a realistic, natural look to your aquarium. It also provides hiding places for shy fish, shelter for breeding fish, and divides the space for aggressive fish. But you can't just plunk any old piece of wood into your tank without expecting disaster. You will need to choose the right pi

Gulf Shores Fishing - Best Plan For Your Next Vacation

For those who are planning to spend their vacations doing some adventurous activities, Gulf shores fishing is the best option. If you have experienced seasonal fishing, then you might know how exciting it is. How ...

Fishing Information for the Lakes in Utah

Utah has numerous lake fishing opportunities for a wide variety of species. Many of the lakes sit in unique desert landscapes while others are in alpine environments. Utah Lake is one of the most popular destinations but anglers can find solitude on lakes throughout the state. Utah lakes can be fish

How to Wrap a Fishing Rod

Attaching the guides, or wire loops the fishing line runs through, to a blank fishing rod is a critical part of the building process. The guide has two main parts: The foot, which contacts the fishing pole, and the loop which sticks out from it. While the guide can and should be temporarily attached

About In-Line Spinning Salmon Fishing Lures

In-line spinning salmon fishing lures are used to catch salmon and trout in several different situations. They are very popular and have been around forever. Fishermen have been using them for decades and there are even a few classic, antique in-line spinners around today.

Minnesota Top 10 Fishing Lakes

Minnesota has lots of opportunities for fishing.Sunset in Minnesota image by Somebody Photo from Fotolia.comMinnesota has 3.8 million acres of fishing water, not counting lake Superior. Many of Minnesota's best fishing lakes are noted for a particular species, such as largemouth bass or...

Undertake Salmon Fishing Training in Chilliwack

Fishing is one of the most entertaining hobbies for many people. There are many fishing training institutes around. It is always better to select the best for training. So, in this article we are talking ...

Want Grouper? Go Downringing!

Offshore downrigging for grouper can become very rewarding with the proper saltwater fishing tackle. Fishing from a boat outfitted with downriggers is a great way to produce some delicious grouper for the dinner table or ...

Idaho Fish & Game Rules

Abundant lakes and rivers offer diverse fishing and gaming opportunities in Idaho.Mountain River image by arm from Fotolia.comIdaho's rocky mountains and valleys are home to many big game species.They offer diverse vantage points and tracking environments for hunters. The state is also...

How to Bait & Set a Mousetrap

Mice often invade a home when the weather turns cold, seeking out food and shelter. A mouse will squeeze through a crack in the home's exterior that is as small as a quarter. Dirty creatures, the mice will leave a trail of fecal matter throughout the home. They invade food, chew up electrical wiring

How to Dig Steamer Clams in Tillamook Bay

Tillamook Bay is a small cove off the Pacific Ocean on the Oregon coast that is about six miles long and includes the town of Tillamook and its 4,400 people. While the town is famous for rich cheeses and ice cream, Tillamook Bay, like many areas around the Oregon coast, is a good area for digging fo

How to Dig Underground on Fullmoon Island in "Pokémon Pearl"

"Pokémon Pearl" is full of quests that reward you with special Pokémon, helpful items and rare moves. Some quests are completely optional, but these often yield the greatest rewards. One such quest is digging in the Underground. Once you've obtained the Explorer Kit from Eterna City, y

Fitness Tips for Beginners

Beginning an exercise regimen is easier said than done, especially if you're not already in shape. That said, there are plenty of ways to get motivated and stay on track when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise.

Potomac Fishing in Williamsport, Maryland

The Potomac River is infamous for its bass, but that isn't all that Potomac offers. Sport fishing and Potomac's array of crabs and shellfish makes Potomac appealing to all fishermen.