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Headlamp Installation On a Ford F-150

The headlamps on a Ford F-150 are very important. Driving a vehicle without headlamps or with malfunctioning headlamps can lead to a potentially fatal accident as the driver's road vision is greatly diminished and oncoming vehicles cannot see the driver. Installing the headlamps on a Ford F-150 is s

How to Change the Rear Differential Fluid

The rear differential, commonly called the "pumpkin" by auto enthusiasts, is located where the driveshaft meets the rear axle. The gearing inside needs to be constantly lubricated and is immersed in a differential fluid called gear oil. There are many types of gear oil on the market, so before chang

Types of Paddle Boats

Paddle boats are designed for waters ranging from calm ponds to class V whitewater. Paddling as a single person is possible on calm waters but multiple people are necessary for paddling whitewater unless the boat is a kayak. Some paddle boats may also be fitted with oars for single-person use.

How to Grind a Brake

Disc brakes, standard on the front end of many vehicles, are primarily composed of a rotor, a caliper and brake pads. Whenever maintenance is performed on the wheel or brakes, the brake rotor should be checked for wear. Friction from the brake pads can cause gouges and scratches in the wall of the r

How to Sell Used Tires

Good tires help your vehicle run the way it was designed and help you travel between destinations safely. Purchasing new tires can be a costly venture, with a full set often running more than $500. Used tires are a good alternative for those who cannot afford to purchase new ones, and selling used t

Removing Rear Drum Brakes on a 92 GMC Truck

The tools required for replacing the rear brakes on your 1992 GMC truck can be found in most toolboxes. Labor rates are high , and you should do any of the maintenance that you can yourself to save money on repairs. You can complete this project in your garage or driveway, and a person with no exper

How to Calculate Cabin Altitude

The most comfortable setting for cabin altitude is between 5,000 and 8,000 feet. The selector normally indicates 10,000 feet maximum; however, it is seldom used. Pressure increase is acceptable in the 500 foot per minute range regardless of the rate of climb. This is the maximum passenger (max pax)

How to Check the Alternator Output on a GM

The alternator is a device under the hood of your car that is spun via the serpentine belt. While the alternator is spinning, it is charging the vehicle's battery, so all the electrical components of your car work properly. It is a small, cylindrical device in the top left corner of your engine. Alt

How to Remove the Fuel Filter in a 2000 Chevy

The fuel filter on a 2000 Chevrolet is mounted inline with the main feed line from the fuel tank to the fuel injection system, and it filters out any large objects in the fuel that may block the fuel injection system. Over time, those particulates get backed up in the filter, and eventually it will

Repairing Peeling Leather Seats

Sun exposure, dry air and lack of proper conditioning and care eventually causes leather to peel, making furniture and car seats unsightly and uncomfortable. Fake leather also peels away from the base fabric underneath. Both real and fake leather can be repaired by applying leather crack filler, a f