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How to Date Your Friend - Make Your Friend Into Your Girlfriend

So you want to date your Friend and you find it too embarrassing to ask her about it. The fact is that you have almost fallen into the friend zone of this person and that pulls you back in making further advances. Yours is not an isolated case. There are millions who face this daunting task of makin

Getting the Best Out of a Resolved Or Fixed Relationship

There are certain situations prevailing in some relationships that gives the impression that the circumstances are not redeemable but this is often far from the truth because in actual fact those grey areas can be resolved. It is common knowledge that most couple contend with issues daily and it is

Online Dating

Dating can really stink, but with online dating a whole new world has opened up making dating fun, exciting and easy to do. Online dating has forever changed the landscape of traditional dating. Because of ...

How to Attract Women on Today's Online Dating Sites

Many men use tips to attract women. These techniques are widely known but many men have decided not use them. Men have been using these techniques from the beginning of time the same basic concepts are still valid today, nothing has changed between man and woman.

Dating With Women - How to Show Her a Good Time

Now I know a lot of people want to find the best places or the right things that is guaranteed to make women always have a good time with you. The best tips for you to show her to a good time is by asking her what she wants to do and always being confident about your answers. Now there are many wome

What Makes Hot Girls?

Hot girls are girls who are attractive. Men know how to judge hot girls and, they are usually unmistaken. Everyone wants to go out with a hot girl at least to show her off to his friends. We are living in a society that appreciates being hot and compared to earlier days, this means a lot.

Top Tips for First Date Chat by Relationship Experts!

You're on your date and without warning it goes silent for what seems forever, and now your mind's gone blank! One of the biggest fears with a first date is what are we going to talk about? Imagine the conversation has dried up on a date, you both sit there staring at each other, one of yo

Dating Exit Strategies - 10 Kind Ways to Say "No Thanks!"

Are you concerned about how to turn away unwanted prospects? This can be quite daunting for the woman who feels compelled to be nice. But, how can you expect to survive dating, without being able to say "No" to any number of requests? Here are 10 kind ways to say "no thank you."

How to Catch and Keep a Man - Tips For Women

Catching and keeping a good man is something that appeals to virtually all single women. Knowing how to effectively do that isn't as easy as it seems. Find out how to get inside the heart and mind of the man you adore, so you can make yourself irresistible to him.

What Men Really Want From You - 10 Things You Need to Know

What do men really want?Think that's an impossible question to answer?Resigned to never understanding how men think?Don't be.By learning just 10 things men are looking for, you'll decode a few basic truths about the male species that will help you navigate the minefield of dating

Sinrex - For Better Bedroom Prowess

If you have stumbled upon the product Sinrex you should be aware of some pretty interesting things that this product is able to do for you, as a man. The worry is as old as mankind itself, men are concerned about their penis size. Its a little known fact that 60 percent of all men worry that their p

The Fastest Way to Pick Up Women

If you're looking for a great way to learn how to pick up women, you're going to have to make sure there's something greater out there for you. Simply put, you need to make sure that you're not making the simple mistakes that others are making. It's not rocket science, yet f