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Cancer in Dogs - Kinds, Treatments and Prognosis

Cancer in dogs can affect everything from the skin to the bones. The disease is caused by uncontrolled cell growth and can take one of two forms: benign (does not grow in an unlimited, aggressive manner, does not invade surrounding tissues and does not spread to other parts of the body) and malignan

How to House Train a Lab

Labrador retrievers, known for their energetic and amiable nature, require the same type of basic care and training of many other canines. For instance, if you attempt to house train a lab, you should practice consistency and be prepared to invest the time necessary to properly train your lab for be

How to Hang a Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

Metal serving bowls can be used for both food and water, and the durability of the metal makes them ideal for dogs that have chewed through plastic bowls in the past. Placing food and water dishes in the dog's crate while you are out allows the dog to eat and drink throughout the day. However, the d

How to Potty Train New Puppies

You should begin potty training as early as possible in order to teach your puppy what's expected of it. A puppy has no sense of a "right" place or a "wrong" place to relieve itself. It's up to you to teach it. If you instruct with patience and care, potty training a puppy can be a bonding experienc

Puppies For Sale! Should I Buy One?

Even though we had been on the lookout for pups off and on for awhile, we weren't actually in the market for a brand new dog. We got here throughout the Cockapoo puppies on the market by chance by a buddy of ours. Since we love canine so much we figured that we would give them a quick look just

How to Prevent Bed Sores in Paralyzed Dogs

If you have a dog with paralysis, it is very important to know how to prevent bed sores. Due to decreased circulation, dogs suffering from paralysis are more prone to serious infection, so prevention is especially important. A paralyzed dog can be a lot of work, but understanding how to care for his

The Belgian Malinois As a Puppy

A Belgian Malinois makes a great pet, whether as a companion, working dog, police dog or guard dog, and an owner with enough time to train the dog will learn to love the breed for its many talents. There are many things about the breed that should be taken into consideration when a person is trying

Does Your Dog Need A Collar?

A collar is an essential item that you will need for your dog. This article gives you an idea of the type of collars that you will need to consider when buying a collar for your dog.

What Is the Demeanor of a Dachshund?

Dachshunds can live comfortably on big acreages or in small apartments, as long as their needs for companionship and exercise are met. This flexibility makes them a popular pet, and with a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years, they can be a long-lived family member. Dachshunds have strong personaliti

Stop Puppy Biting

Stop puppy biting by being the authority, or alpha of your home. Your puppy will only obey you if you teach them to obey. If you want to stop puppy biting you can not be like most people and confuse disobedience with not understanding. Your dog isn't disobeying if he doesn't understand wha

Prednisone for Dog Joint Pain

Dogs who have joint problems can experience symptoms from pain and inflammation to arthritis and rheumatism. If not managed properly, dog joint pain can significantly hinder your dog's activity. If your dog displays stiffness, whimpers when getting up or standing or moves in an awkward manner, he ma

Where to Find Small Dogs for Sale

Well, the world is certainly big enough to find a suitable place for small dogs for sale! But the golden question still remains as to where you get your next pet dog from? You cannot pick and choose a neighborhood store or an online website just like that. Yes, you will find these avenues plenty in

Why Your Dog Begs

You know the story by now. You and your family sit down to the table to start eating and immediately you hear the jingle of dog tags as your furry friend jogs into the dining room to take his customary position at your right side, staring woefully at your plate.

4 Ways To Stop A Dog From Chewing Your Shoes

Are you tired of your dog's destructive chewing habits?Is he chewing on your shoes, socks, toys, or furniture?It is possible to keep him from eating your favorite objects.The following 4 methods will help you can get control over this unwanted behavior.

How to Help a Chihuahua Give Birth

For a small-breed dog like a Chihuahua, it is often recommended that you bring your dog in to a veterinary clinic when it's time to give birth in case there are complications or an emergency Cesarean section is necessary. If you choose to have your dog give birth at home, make sure that you are well

Ancient History Of The Shar Pei

The Shar Pei dog has existed in China for many centuries and was owned by peasant farmers as a common utility dog. The farmers lived in the southern provinces, which border the South China Sea.They were faithful protectors of the farmer's homes and also used to guard the farmer's livestock

Essential Dog Products To Keep Your Pet Safe And Healthy

Just like parents of a new born kid, most of the pet owners are brimmed with the excitement thinking that they are going to have a new member in their family; a small pet. From the very first day when a pet enters ones house, people start realizing that there are lot many things that it needs and th

Chunky Monkey

Chunky Monkey the English Bulldog wearing Christmas lights