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How To Do Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an excellent way for your website to increase its traffic volume. We are not talking about general, randomly targeted traffic but a specific online target that is directly associated ...

The H.323 VoIP Protocol

The H.323 Protocol was first published by the International Telecommunication Union, an agency of the United Nations, in 1996. It created standards for transmission over Local Area Networks. Since 1998, the protocol suite has been labeled "Packet-Based Multimedia Communications Systems."

The Best Memory Makers

RAM is an important computer component that allows you to open and run the software you use. There are many companies that manufacture memory modules but they're not all equal. The best memory makers make highly compatible memory that's both popular and widely-used among users and comes with a warra

How to Remove a Superjuan Virus

Superjuan is a computer virus that is often referred to as Sagipsul. Superjuan is designed to flood your computer with pop-up advertisements. Moreover, Superjuan may add “Best of BDSM” and “Gay Fetish Sex” icons to your desktop and redirect your Internet searches to Sagispul.

How to Block Sex Sites

Letting your children use the Internet for personal and school use is a common practice. There is a world's worth of information available for research online. Unfortunately, there is also adult-only appropriate content on the Internet as well. To help keep your children from viewing inappropriate s

How to Send Pictures to a PS3 From a Laptop

The picture files on your laptop can be accessed on your PlayStation 3 gaming console once the pictures are designated as shared items. Once you have connected your PlayStation 3 to the same Internet network as your laptop, you will be able to access the pictures on your PS3. You don't have to be a